Putin Cannot be Trusted

Israel is trying to play the honorable role of negotiating between Russia and Ukraine. Under most circumstances, negotiations should be tried. Putin does not represent most circumstances.

He is a tyrant who violates every agreement, including being in Ukraine at all. This includes his military takeover of Crimea, which resulted in sanctions under the Obama administration that still continue.

If Israel negotiates successfully, Putin will never keep his word. He sees deals as a means to gain time, since it is quicker for him to break than others to respond. This is the very reason Putin is acting so criminally and recklessly in Ukraine. Others won’t step up to stop him and too many countries refuse to take sides.

The ceasefires already put in place were broken by the Russians. Russian conscripts fire on whatever they are told to fire on, including civilians. They are using weaponry that is legal to use against military targets, but not legal to use on civilian targets. Civilian targets are at the receiving end of whatever Putin orders.

Nations, including Israel, are worried about Putin launching nuclear missiles, when they should be worried about attacks on nuclear power plants.

One of Russia’s first targets in Ukraine was Chernobyl. Due to the meltdown that occurred decades ago, radioactive dust continues to remain there and could get kicked up into the atmosphere and spread, just like it did when it melted down. Not the place any sane person would ever carry out an attack, which leads one to wonder if they have any idea what a nuclear symbol means.

It is quite possible the Russian conscripts and their commanders have no idea just how reckless their actions are.

On March 7 of this year, BBC released an article by Ben Tobias, Ukraine war: Chernobyl workers’ 12-day ordeal under Russian guard:

“More than 100 workers at Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant – the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 1986 – have been stuck there for more than 12 days, unable to leave after Russian forces seized the plant on the first day of the invasion… There are also growing concerns that stress could be impacting their ability to safely carry out their duties at the nuclear site.”

Zapoizhzhya nuclear power plant was also attacked and taken over. A fire that started due to Russian bombing could easily have caused a meltdown. Modern day nuclear power plants have a lot of safety features, but war is not one of them.

On March 6 of this year, Fox News released an article by Paul Best, Russians seize control of staff at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine, cut off communications:

“Ukraine reports that any action of plant management – including measures related to the technical operation of the six reactor units – requires prior approval by the Russian commander,” the International Atomic Energy Agency said Sunday.”

That would be a Russian military commander, not a nuclear physicist. It does not take long for things to go wrong, if those who know what they are doing are prohibited from doing their jobs in a timely manner.

The fire may be out, but the chance of a meltdown remains very real.

How many other nuclear power plants is Putin going to target? How long until there is a meltdown that could turn much of the soil of the breadbasket of Europe into radioactive waste? How long do leaders, including Israel, do nothing serious to end the madness?

Israel could be secretly getting weapons to the Ukrainians, in the same manner as nascent Israel got weapons when no one would openly sell to them. Those weapons were crucial to winning that war. In the case of Ukraine, they could prevent it from become the horrors of street-to-street fighting and prevent more attacks on nuclear power plants.

To honestly negotiate with someone, a belief that the rule matter must be part of who they are. Putin has proven time and time again that he will not follow through with any agreement. His history is proof that he cannot be trusted by anyone.

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Bob Ryan is a novelist of the future via science-fiction, dystopian or a combination of the two, and blogger of the past with some present added in on occasion. He believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past, since human nature is an unchanging force. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. He is a Christian Zionist who knows God is calling His chosen home as foretold in prophecy.
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