Putin, the rat.

A dead eyed Putin observes like a snake eyeing a rat. Credit: Wikipedia Commons.
A dead eyed Putin observes like a snake eyeing a rat. Credit: Wikipedia Commons.

I’ve recently got into VR game development. It’s on my mind that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been terrible for the VR game development market. Over 500 companies in Ukraine are (or were) into game development before this began. On the other hand, that’s a lot of people who could easily pilot a drone to bomb the Russians, as long as they are given the tech they need.

Like everyone else I’m angry with Russia and Putin. In VR we can go strolling around Russia thanks to Google’s Wander, and what you see away from the cities is poor housing, and dirt roads. The Russians live like ants, with no opportunities to make something better of themselves unless they hustle and make compromises with their basic human decency. It makes my blood boil to think of Putin, who cannot provide a decent infrastructure in his own country having the temerity to invade Ukraine. Their poor woman aspire to make house-slaves of themselves just to leave and marry a man in the West, and their rich men live in fear of poison and assassination if they merely speak their mind.

Before the invasion, I thought that Putin was playing a game with the West, and that was okay. All countries play games, but after the invasion I knew he is a fool, and likely driven by a cocaine induced psychosis. Yes, I do believe Russia’s leader knows what chasing the dragon means, and it’s not kowtowing to China. It’s the loss of one’s humanity. It is feeling nothing when you give orders and babies die. It’s feeling pleased and expanding one’s plans when the body count rises.

Ultimately, this man will be judged by the angels when he dies and he will be reunited with his consciousness. Oh – it will be sad. All that he refused to feel in this life will wash over him like a Tsunami. And he will not be allowed to live as a human again for many many lives. He will live in the pit of his isolation. He will live as a rat, and struggle to feed himself. He will be the animal without even the sense of an animal – having robbed himself of all empathy and sense of fairness. As less than a dog, he will walk the earth and howl his despair. But understand – this is not punishment. The angels punish no-one. They only give truth and adjustment. This will be education until he relearns how precious the gift of his humanity was.

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Bethsheba Ashe is the creator of the popular online Shematria Gematria Calculator, and a member of the American Cryptogram Association as well as being the current Grand Master of the Sanctum Regnum. She has spent the last seven years in research into the formal system of gematria, culminating in the publication of her most recent book "Behold! The Art and Practice of Gematria" which is available at Amazon, Lulu and other outlets.
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