Rashida Tlaib, the Squad, and the usual useful idiots

'There is nothing new under the sun!' (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Last week, Rep. Rich McCormick (R-GA) introduced a resolution censuring rabid Jew hater, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Hamas), for “promoting false narratives regarding the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack on Israel and for calling for the destruction of the State of Israel.”

Democrats first tried killing the resolution, but one gutsy member of that caucus, Brad Schneider (D-IL), voted with Republicans to advance it, because he felt it important to answer Tlaib’s repetition of the “From the River to the Sea…” slogan, saying it was “nothing else but the call for the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews.”

When the resolution went to the floor of the House, 22 Democrats, now having to be on a resolution record, joined nearly all the Republicans in censuring Tlaib. It would have been nice to get more Democrats, but 22 is better than nothing.

A few days before the vote, Tlaib posted on X, formerly Twitter, “From the river to the sea is an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence, not death, destruction, or hate.” Uh huh, right.

So the chant, “Gas the Jews, F*** the Jews,” must be a call for self-expression, and promotion of history and culture, not um, murdering Jews.

And the shout, “Beat that f**kin’ Jew!” screamed at a protest on the UCLA campus by a female Hamas-supporting student (what a lovely young lady), must represent creativity, responsibility, and faith, not um, beating up any particular Jew.

And the Instagram post (in Hebrew as well as Arabic, so Jews could understand), by the infamous Palestinian activist, Ahed Tamimi, “… what Hitler did to you was a joke. We will drink your blood and eat your skulls,” was simply Tamimi promoting her comfort food cookbook, not um, a most vile and despicable threat. (She clearly needs to consider a more healthy diet.)

Look, I could go on and on and on. You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it, and it doesn’t stop. In fact, there is so much worldwide Jew-hatred going on, it’s impossible to keep up. I actually think that’s part of the plan.

Make no mistake, paleo leftist anti-Semites, Tlaib and her ilk, the-imported-into-the-West radicalized Muslims, an enabling and complicit media, and foolish and gullible left-wing young people, do hate Jews, and for a variety of reasons.

But the shock value of the openly and blatantly hateful, threatening, and vulgar statements, comments, and chants, and even violence, gradually diminishes, and so, becomes normalized to the point of ho-hum, who cares, what else is new?

Besides, it’s about the Jews, so it’s OK. Even though not even 1/1000th of 1% of what is going on would ever be tolerated were it expressed about any other race or religion.

Before the censure vote, Tlaib took to the House floor to defend herself, and as always, she played the victim. Such a perfect Hamas representative.

Nothing changes with that repulsive member of Congress. Lie after lie, cry after cry. Has anyone ever heard her speak for more than a couple minutes where she doesn’t start bawling? I guess she thinks that helps her somehow. Crying once or twice, here or there, might be true emotion. But again and again and again? And again???

Maybe she really is that emotional. I understand when she was at a supermarket last week, and was told it had run out of Tropicana pulp-free orange juice, she went through three boxes of Kleenex.

Tlaib knows she can always count on her fellow Israel and Jew-hating (Jihad) Squad members to support her hysterics. The Squad includes among other nincompoops, Ilhan Omar (D-It’s All About the Benjamins, Baby), Jamaal Bowman (D-That Was A Fire Alarm?), and de facto squad leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Yes, She Really Is That Stupid).

Last Monday evening, the Squad joined other far left geniuses at a Rabbis for Ceasefire press conference on the US Capital lawn in Washington. This organization is an apparent offshoot of the far left Jewish Voice for Peace group.

One of the “rabbis,” “sees a deep connection between Jewish religious principles and anti-Zionist activism.” How nice. Just like the far right uber-Haredi Neturei Karta Jews.

Far left and far right Jewish fringe meshuganehs only agree when it comes to hating Israel, and yes, themselves. Like any other race or religion, sadly, we too have our troublemaking winners.

Overheard in a conversation between two “rabbis,” as the useful idiots made their way to the press conference: “Hey, what’s that?” “It’s called a yarmulke.” “A what?”

In the past, I have skewered, and deservedly so, Squad members Ocasio-Cortez and Omar, and I could again now, but one Squad member has earned himself special recognition.

Jamaal Bowman said the following at the press conference: “By me calling for a ceasefire with my colleagues and centering humanity, I am uplifting deeply what it actually means to be Jewish.”

Wow, thanks so much for the lesson on what it means to be Jewish. Pray tell, Congressman, what does it mean to be a complete and utter imbecile?

Like other far left progressive haters, Bowman was a former educator; he used to be an elementary school teacher and a middle school principal.

And now you know why there are so many brainless young people out there. Doesn’t seeing so many nasty, violent, anti-Semitic youth protesting all over the place give you hope for the future? I know I am super excited about it.

Yes, King Solomon was right. “There is nothing new under the sun.” History’s oldest hatred marches on. But should we simply despair and take it? No. Those days are long gone.

See, King Solomon also said, “Your hope will not be cut off.” (Proverbs 24:14.) We Jews have gone through hell and back. And as much as you who hate us wish we would stay in the hell you create for us, we always come back.

Always. Deal with it.

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Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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