Dan Ehrlich

Responding to Iran: A New War in the Making?

Israel should play it safe with Iran and not respond in any way. Why? Because an attack on Iran would only escalate what could be disastrous for all concerned.

Israel can’t escape the fact that the destruction and deaths at Iran’s consulate in Syria was not a smart action to take. In fact, it was just stupid, especially if the thinking was to get Israel’s friends involved in a new Middle East conflict.

Iran’s attack on Israel was simply payback for that.

The fact that Israel and its allies downed most of the Iranian drones and missiles aimed at Israel may have been lucky this time. But Israel can’t count on that luck to continue. It should listen to its allies and accept a win, this time.

As much as the US President Biden boasts that America will back Israel, don’t count on it being drawn into a wider Middle East conflict…a conflict that could even go nuclear in an extreme scenario.

Any action taken against Iran by Israel is guaranteed to spur a response from Iran, one that Israel’s allies may not be able to thwart.

Israelis have to ask: ‘How far will we go? And where will it all lead?’

One war at a time is enough for a Israel. Defeating Hamas is enough for now.

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