The Democrats’ years long battle against Donald Trump has borne fruit.

Millions of dollars were wasted (one Russian dossier, two impeachments, one Mueller Report).
Government progress on projects, such as Trump’s proposal on illegal immigration were stymied.
The hysteria among Democrats spiraled up like the funnel of a cyclone.
News sources broadcast and published one unverified and unchallenged anti-Trump assertion after another.
Intent on preventing a Trump re-election, Democrat governors and legislatures rushed through new laws on mail-in voting, vote harvesting and drop boxes.
Evidence of Biden’s financial conflict of interests, personal behavior, health was suppressed.
When Trump tried to ask a question about the Biden family financial dealings during the first debate, the moderator, Chris Wallace refused to allow it.
Twitter de-platformed the New York Post for its reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.
Still unexplained is why the FBI, which had the laptop for eleven months prior to the election never made a public comment.
Trump must be, as my Holocaust survivor mother used to say, “gemakht fun ayzn” (made from iron).
Despite it all, Trump and his advisors achieved great advances in United States economic and foreign relations.
He exited the Iran Deal, crossed the DMZ to shake hands with Kim Jung-un of  North Korea, imposed sanctions on China, made the US energy independent.
He moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, enabled the Abraham Accords.
David Friedman, Trump’s former US Ambassador to Israel has written a memoir titled “Sledgehammer” describing his tenure. (Broadside Books)
Friedman, a former New York City bankruptcy lawyer brings us down to earth.
He describes a pre-confirmation meeting he had with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), then Senate Minority leader, now Senate Majority leader.
“We talked for a while about Israel and about New York. He told me that I was a pretty good guy, better than he had been led to believe, and that I had the votes, so not to worry.”
I said in response, “Respectfully, Senator, I know that I have the votes. I don’t want your vote in order to be confirmed. I want it because you will be sending a strong message of bipartisanship on Israel, which you have advocated on numerous occasions. You will demonstrate that those on the left can deal respectfully with right-wing supporters of Israel just like the Republicans supported my predecessor, Dan Shapiro, a lefty.”
He thought about it and just smiled at me. “I’m not giving Trump the win. Sorry.” (page 58)
Every Democrat except Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted against Friedman’s confirmation.
So what did the Democrats gain from their revenge against Trump?
Where shall we start?
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