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Reza Pahlavi & His Great Role in Iran’s Salvation

The HRH Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, Israel 2023, Picture: Times of Israel

These days, Iran is not in good health. The majority of the people no longer speak of coups, wars, or military strikes, nor does any sensible and patriotic person in Iran believe in reform from within the existing structures.

They all remember well how in 1997, a group of regime supporters with a history of Islamic terrorism, who were solely concerned with their factional and party interests and indifferent to Iran and its people, deceived the entire society. However, in the last decade, the attention of Iran’s youth has turned to one individual: Prince Reza Pahlavi. Critics who support the mullahs’ regime claim he lacks charisma, but contrary to their falsehoods, HRH Reza Pahlavi is a democratic, paternal figure, popular, influential, competent, and accepted by Iranian society.

The Iranian community has concluded that 1979 was a failed experiment, a charlatanism, and a swindle by the mullahs with Iran’s history. They had formed terrorist groups in the prayer halls of their mosques and had committed massacres; they deceived the society in 1979 and reached power and wealth, offering nothing but Islamic terrorism to the people of Iran and the world.

The corrupt, deceitful, terrorist rulers of the Islamic Republic have either killed and imprisoned or surpassed all historical criminals in suppression and slaughter.

Today, the people of Iran know that collapse is possible at any moment and that a power vacuum could arise, making Iran’s future genuinely worrisome. The people inside Iran take the possibility of sudden collapse seriously.

The Islamic Republic knows it has no future among a disillusioned, desperate, worried, repressed, and dissenting Iranian populace. A society that sees the Supreme Leader as the mother of all problems, crimes, and malevolence. The people of Iran are witnessing that the richest country in underground resources in the world is living in hunger, misery, poverty, despotism, and Theocracy. The people of the world are also seeing that the most historic point in the world is gradually dying under the boots of the despotic and savage mullahs.

Delusional, foolish rulers who want to conquer the world with the force of the sword, bomb, and terrorism, and carry the flag of Khomeinism to all corners of the globe, claiming to possess divine and celestial law and saying they are representatives of God themselves. But no god defends savagery, terrorism, and destruction.

These days, in famous global media, attention to the Prince of Iran has increased. His international popularity is undeniable. He is the symbol of a land that will never die and will rise again from the ashes, and its youth believe in patriotism.

Forty-five years ago, on days like these, the world’s media made a holy and celestial figure out of a criminal and savage mullah like Khomeini, cursed and slandered the most faithful friend of Western civilization and the modern world, the late Shah of Iran, and spread the baseless lies of Khomeini’s revolutionaries. But history is a merciless judge, and in the end, history treated the Shah of Iran kindly.

The Late Shah of Iran. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, / Picture of Radio California – Free for all platforms.

And today, the world’s media compete for interviews with the Prince of Iran, for with his return to Iran, both the giant of Islamic terrorism will die, and the mullah’s regime will be shut down forever in Iran.

The leadership of Iran’s national revolution to free itself from the plague of the mullahs lies only in the hands of the Prince of Iran. The mantle of leadership suits him, but the enemies of Iran and the Iranians cannot bear to see this reality; however, the young generation of Iran has well understood this point, and this social capital is the secret to the success of the legacy of the monarchy and Iranian culture.

The Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, Los Angeles, 2022 – Picture : Erfan Fard
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