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Rind Snacks, NoCrumbsLeft and More With Cindy’s Corners

With Purim over, there will be multiple extra Pesach information on food, flowers, decor, judaica and much more so stay tuned….But this week, we feature two products, Rind Snacks and NoCrumbsLeft. Both offer healthy options and lots of information on delicious, nutritious food and preparations.

Rind Snacks

According to Rind Snacks, fruits and vegetables, in particular, account for 39% of all wasted food in the United States based on EPA andUSDA statistics. These scraps, much of it discarded peels or overripe produce, are responsible for nearly 20% of total municipal solid waste! Since the majority of fruits have edible peels, throwing them away creates unnecessary waste.


RIND encourages consumers to Keep it Real. Eat the Peel.™ Fruit rinds, on average, contain three to four times the fiber content compared to a serving of the flesh alone. Fiber not only makes a snack more satisfying, but high fiber diets are linked to less heart disease, improved gut health, lower cholesterol and and lower obesity rates. As a result of retaining the fruit skin, one 3oz bag of RIND contains as much as 14g of dietary fiber, representing 50% of an individual’s recommended daily allowance.* In addition to fiber, rinds also contain greater vitamin and antioxidant concentration than an equivalent serving of a fruit’s flesh.

In the 1920s, well before kale was cool, Rind Founder, Weiss’s great-grandmother, Helen Seitner, was a passionate health food pioneer. opened her own natural foods store.  The Stay-Well health shop in Flint, Michigan carried all sorts of produce, vitamins, bulk seeds and nuts.  She was ahead of her time in focusing on the power of these whole foods and grains. She refused to carry white flour in the store, only whole wheat. She’d purchase 100 pound bags of carrots for juicing and, most importantly, she insisted on letting nothing go to waste. It was this last piece of advice that left the greatest impression on me.  She juiced daily, using only whole fruits and vegetables—roots, rind, stem, seeds and all. Weiss vividly remembers her skin glowing orange from all the beta-carotene! I grew up seeing the benefits of her healthy lifestyle as she lived to nearly 100 and was full of vitality even later in life.

Rind Snacks average 140 calories and can be purchased here:


Meet a true foodie, Teri Turner.

Photo:Teri Turner

Teri Turner is the creator of the popular food and lifestyle blog No Crumbs Left. Formerly an event producer, she has always been committed to bringing magic into the kitchen when cooking for her family and friends. As a brand innovator, influencer, and trendsetter, Teri provides fresh ideas for her fans and clients. Her Whole30 takeovers and global meet-ups celebrating her foodie adventures and life experiences, as well as her weekly podcast, Table Talks, featuring Teri one-on-one with a guest, captivate her followers. The mother of two grown children, Patrick and Lucy, she considers motherhood her most valuable role. A native Chicagoan, Teri shares her life with her partner Roy, dividing their time between Chicago and Northern California.

Today we are featuring her popular onion elixir and pottery. I just ordered four sets, two for Passover and two for the rest of the year. You should too.

According to Turner, “I love a magic elixir–a special sauce or bit of magic that turns ordinary food into extraordinary. In my circle, I’m a little famous for the bowl of marinated red onions on my kitchen counter (we even call them “Counter Onions”!)…which is amusing, because how could I have known these onions would start a movement? From my Instagram stories you may know that I prize a beautiful entrée salad, and every entrée salad I make includes a bit of this oniony goodness. And there isn’t a simpler recipe.”

Turner’s Onions

I marinate my red onions in a red wine vinegar, and oregano. I leave them on my counter uncovered in a little ceramic dish to use every day on my eggs, in a hamburger, in a salad, or in a marinated entree.

Make enough to use over two days, and if after two – four days you haven’t used them up, use the oil olive oil to make a salad dressing, sauce up the onions and enjoy them, or chop them up and put them in a chicken salad. They stay fresh about two days on the countertop. You might be asking yourself: why not put them in the refrigerator? I don’t, because when the oil solidifies, the magic is gone. After these simply delicious dish enhancers are my most talked about recipe:

1 small red onion
¾ cup Extra Virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp dried oregano (not ground)
1 Tbsp red wine vinegar
Thinly slice the red onion and place in a low bowl.
In a separate bowl, stir the olive oil, red wine vinegar and dried oregano together to combine well. Pour the mixture over the onions, making sure they are submerged.
Let sit on counter at room temperature to marinate for at least 3 hours (I usually let mine marinate for 12) before using. Keeps for 2-3 days unrefrigerated.

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