Risk Management In Japan: What Can We Learn From That?

One by one two powerful earthquakes have struck Japan particularly Kumamoto, known as ‘city of water’ for its aquatic environment. Now after this earthquake there is scarcity of drinking water to people living in that city. More than 37 deaths so far and this number can be increased; from this I can guess the seriousness of the earthquake. In case of any other country such powerful earthquake in the city can destroy to city totally.

Japan is only a country which is totally developed itself to face such problems. Japan developed its risk management system to tackle the earthquakes and typhoons which are frequently happen there, anybody can understand that but they didn’t make that limited to these disaster.

Here is an example of Japan risk management system.

Japanese people are almost non-vegetarians, as East Asian food traditions; they consume beef, pork and other meats. The food style and diet is directly related to health safety issues but many countries didn’t take this matter so much seriously.

In September of 2001, after the identification of first Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) case in Japan, Japanese government became very much active and precocious about the food safety issues and implemented three bodies of government responsible for BSE related food safety issues.

BSE Test@Kapilkumar Ingle

Now Japan is a country admired by other nations for its control on the BSE incidence rate and public health issues. In case of US approximately 35 millions of cows are slaughtered each year but record of 2003 says less than 1 % means less than 21 thousand cows were tested for BSE test. While Japan test each and every cow going to slaughtered for human consumption. In case of India, majority of people are vegetarian, few are non-vegetarian and among those very few consume beef. But India sells beef generally buffalo meat to many countries, and people related to this business may have no idea about what the BSE is.

The BSE generally know as mad cow disease is fatal, degenerative disease which is responsible for the formation of sponge like holes in the brain. Other forms of this disease are found in goat, sheep, deer, elk etc. One form is dangerous for human being too which has no cure yet. The consumption of beef of animal which are infected by BSE has caused for the development of human form of BSE. Japan tackles this issue by testing each of cow slaughtered and coming in food web.

Japan will come out from this earthquake and the life of people will start again soon. The volcanic soil of Kumamoto will be admired by people for the delicious rice and water again and not blamed for the land sliding due to any earthquakes.

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Kapilkumar is an Indian research fellow at Tel Aviv University. His academic background is of environmental science. He studied journalism at Pune University, India and completed his intern at Lokmat newspaper, one of the leading newspapers in Maharashtra state of India. Kapilkumar is interested in addressing the challenges relating to climate change by using the fields of journalism and environment together.
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