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Recognizing the righteous

For the population of southern Israel, the bombardment of rockets launched out of Gaza has been a continuous fact of life for well over a decade.But for most Israelis throughout the country we were introduced to a new Gaza war upon hearing the warning of the siren’s wail piercing through the otherwise sedate and lazy summer’s evening.

We ran from our cars to crouch down at the foot of a nearby wall for cover, we ran from our apartments to stairwells, we ran to safe rooms, to shelters, and we waited those few seconds till the rockets that were meant to target civilians plunged to earth to inflict whatever damage they could.

But all this is not news worthy. In the eyes of the world, if there are no blood strewn bodies, and no dead children, then it didn’t happen.

Instead, while Israel is under attack from an enemy whose raison de’tre is to eradicate the State of Israel and kill every last Jew, the rest of the world is besieged by a lynch mob mentality, entirely and willfully blind to the truth, disinterested in the facts, and completely immersed in condemning the Jew and holding Israel accountable for war crimes she did not commit.

No one likes it when a Jew fights back.

Since 1971, well over 5,500,000 people have been killed in Muslim induced wars. Throughout the years barely a hush could be heard out of the UN. Nor did Europe and the US cry out for the innocent lives lost or call for an end to the bloodshed and certainly, no enraged mobs poured out to the streets to protest and vent their outrage.

Because there were no Jews to blame.

In a world that has seem to have gone mad, where evil is designated as good and good is designated as evil, where the nations of the world turn a blind eye to the billions of dollars from the US and Europe deposited in the coffers of the Palestinian Authority that have enabled Hamas to build an infrastructure of terror, whereas Israel is deemed guilty for building an infrastructure of shelters to safeguard its people against enemy rockets and “consequently” not having a large enough body count to satiate the blood lust, it is all the more important to recognize the righteous within our midst.

For now that Israel is once again forced to fight an existential war where our soldiers are literally defending our very homes, the world is in tears over the loss of life in Gaza.  Suddenly, there is empathy for the innocent civilians who are caught in the crossfire, or as in this case, purposely placed in the center of the battleground by Hamas.

In the wake of the previous and ongoing silence at the wanton murder and destruction on half of this planet, this instantaneous empathy for the innocent that the world leaders and the anti-Jew lynch mobs now muster up is not only artificial but is purely used as a convenient platform for which to spew their otherwise uncontainable Jew hatred.

The Israel Defense Force is the only army on this earth that plans its military strategy around the safety of our enemy’s civilians.  The IDF is the only army that endangers its own soldiers in order to spare the lives of the innocents on the enemy’s side. And Hamas knows it, barbarically exploits it as they sacrifice their children on the altar of war for the sake of a good PR piece, and then uses it against us.

And so in the midst of the rubble stands a defense force, just in its cause and morally correct in its strategic procedures while fighting this brand of terrorism, not only for Israel but for the world at large.

And in the prevailing mob mentality atmosphere where the good are evil and the evil are good it is crucial to recognize the truly righteous individuals who are not Jewish yet defend Israel with vigor and stand courageously against the storm of blind hatred.

I call out several people who are outspoken on behalf of Israel and tirelessly devote their days, often in the face of death threats, to battling the evil that appears to be enveloping the globe. I invite others to do the same as there are thankfully more of these righteous souls among us.

Leslie Ann Stoffel, is dedicated to sifting through the swell of propaganda and getting the truth out. leslie ann stoffel In her words, “As I grew to be a teenager and found out about the Holocaust, I vowed that if we were ever to face that sort of evil again, I would speak out about it.  That time has come friends.  This is why I speak out for the Jewish people and their beautiful homeland, Israel. The only Democracy in the Middle East.”

Chloé Simone Valdary, a consultant for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), Assistant Director of Special Programs at IBSI – Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel and Op-Ed Writer at Israel National News.  Chloe boldly challenges, on and off campuses throughout the united States, detractors of Israel as they support Muslim terrorist valdary






To see her in action:

Michael Ganoe, Research & Projects Coordinator and Middle East correspondent for Insight to Israel, moved from West Virginia two years ago to make his home in Israel. michaelandbenny gantzWhile reporting the truth about what is happening in Israel and its environs via American web radio and other social media outlets, his pet project is Hersheys for Heroes where he travels the country from army base to army base, raising the morale of IDF soldiers, handing out Hersheys chocolate bars donated by supporters in the US, with supportive notes attached thanking them for their service.

Currently, he is spending his days at the Gaza border raising the spirits and bringing a smile to our battle worn soldiers with Hersheys chocolate bars. Please take a look at what he’s all about right here in his outrageously feel good video:

Orim Shimshon, An Iraqui Muslim who lives in the United Kingdom, is a blunt and forthright advocate of Israel, speaking out against Muslim terror and facing off hatred against Israel in the UK.  As someone who, in his words “wants to rescue civilization,” he works diligently in disputing false information about Israel such as it being an apartheid state, stresses Israel’s humanitarian efforts on behalf of wounded Syrians, debating face to face with people who support terrorists and publicizes the facts through various social media.

I was told to leave the premises. So I stood outside with this sign. A woman called me 'a jewish pig' and a dirty y*d.
I was told to leave the premises. So I stood outside with this sign. A woman called me “a Jewish pig and a dirty yid.”


Leslie, Chloé, Michael and Orim, you are to be applauded for your courage, tenacity and boldness in plunging into the line of fire and battling the tidal wave of irrational hatred.  May God bless you and may you all go from strength to strength.

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