Running, role models and the belief that anything is possible

We are at the last stretch before the Jerusalem marathon tomorrow, the moment we have waited and prepared for!

Last night I attended a gala evening for the marathon organizers and representatives of the participating non-profit teams, to thank all the sponsors.

Dani Yemini and Rami Levi

I had the opportunity to tell the Mayor Nir Barkat and Rami Levi about Kav L’Noar’s programs for youth and families in Jerusalem.

Dani Yemini with Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat

The Marathon Race represents the high point of our joint activities with the Givati Bridage. The soldiers helped the youth with their running objectives and encouraged them to achieve the life goals they set for themselves! In addition, meetings were held between the soldiers and teenagers, in order to give them inspiration, guidance and support.  As part of our partnership with the Givati Brigade, Kav L’Noar arranged for Givati Soldier Betzalel Wieberman to speak to the teens in one of our school groups. Betzalel shared his experiences in Operation Protective Edge where he lost three friends. His inspiring story to the students and teachers in the Middle School in Kiryat Noar kept everyone spell-bound and many expressed their appreciation for his captivating presentation after he finished.

Kav L'Noar's School Group Mentoring Program
Bezalel speaking to the youth in our School Group Mentoring Program
Kav L'Noar honors Meir Kaniel
Linda Maslin, Dr. Ronald Wachtel, Meir Kaniel, Mitch Eichen, Dani Yemini

Tonight we honored Meir Kaniel who has run 2 full marathons over the last 2 years to benefit Kav L’Noar and has raised a total of $25,000. Meir will be joining our team tomorrow running the full marathon race.

Personally, as one who has taken part in many races, I’m excited for tomorrow, when our Kav L’Noar team of runners and youth from our school group mentoring program paint Jerusalem purple along with nearly 2,000 soldiers and officers of the Givati ​​Brigade!

To quote Meir Kaniel:

When you are running and your legs hurt, your calves are sore and you have a terrible cramp in your side, remember that it’s the pain that builds muscle and generates growth.

Like they say in the Navy Seals:
Pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body!!

Good Luck to all the Jerusalem Marathon Runners!

About the Author
Dani has devoted his professional life to the informal education of young people. He holds a B.A. in Educational Administration and an M.A. in Political Sciences, Government and Public Administration, both from Bar-Ilan University. He attended Yeshivat Hesder Or Etzion. Dani began his career in Bnei Akiva’s Head Office in Jerusalem. Later he was a shaliach of Bnei Akiva and the Jewish Agency, spending 2 years in Manchester, England and 3 years in Los Angeles. Before joining Kav L'Noar as C.E.O. in January 2014, Dani worked at World Bnei Akiva as Head of the world Shlichut Department. Dani, born in Israel, is married to Dorit (a social worker) and has four children. He resides in Peduel in the Shomron, where he and his wife act as mentors for a group of teenagers, providing them with guidance and support. Dani has also served twice as Municipal Head of Peduel.
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