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Saving Israel: Starting a New Path Forward

I haven’t written on my blog site for a while. Besides this unforgettable atrocity on October 7th, my eldest son, Yoni, is a miraculous survivor of the Nova Music Festival. His story was shared with news agencies in Israel, US, Italy, Greece, and the Far East. He flew to the US with a mission of survivors from the massacre and Nova Festival to meet with Congressman to gain theirs support and ultimate funding for Israel. Yoni wanted to do more, so he continued his road to trip engaging in speaking tours at NYU, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, and Harvard. He realized the underlying hatred being rooted in antisemitism was the driving force for terrorists to execute their death missions. Yoni was able to address this issue at the universities with the hope of telling our side of the story defusing hatred while gaining understanding and empathy.

The ADL recorded a 400% spike in antisemitism since October 7th. It is so unbelievable to see US universities being used as an incubation center to promote hatred and genocide against Jews chanting their new mantra “From the River to the Sea”. Professors are leading the cause standing side by with students vocalizing their hatred toward Israel. People from around the world are marching in the streets at pro-Hamas/Palestinian rallies many of whom are clueless about what happened. We all thought that after WWII, this would never reoccur. These events are startling and even Jewish students are scared for their lives. These horrific memories will never be forgotten for the survivors and those who saw the videos witnessing their brutal savagery.

Now, some 30 days later, the world wants Israel to forget about October 7th and sweep those atrocities under the rug, and instead sit back and hear the liberals around the world flip the narrative that Hamas had defensible reasons for their brutal attack against innocent Israeli children and adults. Wow!

We need to remove Hamas once and for all. Israel needs to retake security control of Gaza. Furthermore, we need to disengage from the original script/playbook of the 2-state solution  – a dream that never came to fruition. Since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, Israel has been plagued with one terrorist attack after another bringing destruction to Israel.

Since the 1930s, the Palestinians were offered five peace initiatives all of which were rejected. The earliest ones gave Israel not more than 1/3 of the territory currently controlled by Israel and that too was rejected. As of late, Arafat and Abbas were given exactly what they asked for and that too was rejected without even a counter proposal. Their interest is a one-state solution and that means kicking us out of our homeland.

We need to take control of the entire Judea Shomron region so residents can live in peace. They too are plagued with terrorist attacks shattering their lives and security not better than the lives of those living in the south near Gaza who are running to shelters daily. Highway 60, which runs north south, is the main arterial in Judea Shomron poses great security risks to the residents exposing them to violence and death like sitting ducks. This must stop. Within the last 30 days, the IDF has been working tirelessly in Jenin and Nablus areas in nightly raids killing and arresting thousands of would-be terrorists looking to harm innocent Israeli civilians. This must end now.

Let’s just accept the fact that we do not have a partner for true peace. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand peace would bring prosperity and security. The Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders educate their children at very young ages to be martyrs to die for their cause claiming the Quran considers giving up their life as a blessing. On top of this, they use donor money to give lifetime stipends to those that kill Israelis – these only incentivizes them to kill us. These are the people we are purported to trust and turn over our land. Are you kidding?

The leaders of the PA the Hamas leaders are nothing more than thugs who steal donor money funneling those funds to line their pockets rather than to direct those funds originally destined to help the impoverished. Hamas leaders, who by the way are so weak, who cannot stand with the Gazans but rather hide in Qatar living like Pashas. Instead, Gazans serve as their human shield leading to their ultimate death. In fact, Hamas blocks those leaving for southern Gazan are met with threats, guns, and risk of life. Rather than rebuild a broken society, they let raw sewage flow into the Mediterranean and use the brunt of those funds to build a sophisticated tunnel system spanning 300 miles comprising close to 1,300.

News agencies have purported that the heads of Hamas Hamss, now living in Qatar, have a net worth anywhere from $4bn-$5bn. The PA leaders like Abbas and Arafat hoarded billions of donor money too. In fact, when Arafat died, they couldn’t even track all his stolen funds he deposited offshore. Their common thread is both groups are frauds. The Gazans live miserably on an average median salary of $369 per month in one of the most densely populated cites of the world while their leaders are laughing and using them as pawns to enrich themselves. What a crooked organization to say the least.

Israel needs to protect what Hashem swore to us 3,500 years ago and rebuild Israel to be stronger and better to tackle and protect our citizens of the many foes that wait in the bushes. If we flinch just one second, they’ll pop out and romp us.

What’s so surprising is that before October 7th our country was more divided than ever between the religious and the secular. We cannot afford this polarization. We must find a way to mend fences. We have too many bad actors to watch our society crumble from its innards. This risk is too high. Endless elections are too costly and only divide our country more. Also, we need to rethink our political system to institute a 3-party system like in the US: conservative, moderate (center) and liberal – that’s it. What we have now is political tyranny that leads leaders to make deals with the devil whose decisions are generally not for the betterment of our society.

When I think back about my college days at San Francisco State University, a politically vocal campus like UC Berkley. Practically, every day, there were some ten tables promoting their causes – one of course was of the so called ‘Palestinians’. This was in 1982 and I challenged them asking them to define who they are. They couldn’t give me a direct answer, rather just spewing hatred and lies distorting history.

During the 2nd century under Roman conquest of Israel, they renamed the province now called Gaza as “Syria Palaestina” to erase Jewish identity to Eretz Israel. This is my no means to suggest a connection between the Romans with the Arab Palestine. Other than this, there was the British Conquest called the British Mandate of Palestine (1920-1948). My relatives who fled antisemitism in Europe during the 1930s came to live in Israel. So, I guess they were also Palestinian. In the Quran, the word Palestinian and Jerusalem are not mentioned. In fact, Arabs pray with their backs toward Jerusalem where Jews pray toward Jerusalem. In the Torah, Jerusalem is mentioned countless times. Back 3,500 years ago, Hashem granted the Jews Israel. The Al Asqa Mosque sits on top of the first and second Jewish Temple. What more proof do we need that Israel is our homeland and that the Palestinian name is nothing more than a hoax invented propaganda marketing scheme to raise capital from donors seeking pity for their cause only to rip off donors with umpteen empty promises.

The Palestinians focus on Naqba of 1948, making us out as thieves who stole their abandoned properties is a joke. My answer is very simple. All the Jews who were kicked out of their homes from Islamic countries like in Syra, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen, let’s do the math and calculate the cash and fixed assets that were stolen from them. The Naqba claims (if proven) are nothing more than a drop in bucket. What you’ll find is that the Arabs will owe the Jews trillions of dollars – a zillion times more than that of their claims of the Naqba.

Most of the Jews who lived in Arabic speaking countries like those mentioned above, left with their shirts on their backs. Jews throughout time were oppressed forced to pay a ‘protection tax’ called Jizya just to stay alive. As early as the 7th century, many were forced to convert to Islam or faced death, persecution, and loss of business. The late leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, stole my father in law’s huge international business and all his properties. is only one of many stories.

Israel must face reality to remain steadfast and strong to protect our homeland. Also, look what happened when we gave Gazans 30,000 work permits. What did they do? They turned tale on us and knifed us in back being an informant for the Hamas giving them all the details of the residents living in the southern Israel to enable them to kill us. We pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and we were blessed with 20,000 rockets aimed at our heads. How insane is that?

It’s time to pull in the reins, bring our people together as a unified voice and protect our homeland and borders. Let the Arabs living in Judea Shomron stay in their communities – no more work permits. The IDF must take back these areas to protect us from terrible terrorist attacks. In fact, even the Arab Israelis who could pose a risk, they too should be told to stay in their communities and not allowed to work in Israel proper. There are loads of people from peace loving third world countries who’d be wonderful hardworking laborers for our building and agriculture industries who’d not pose a security risk.

Since our existence we have been in wars and Hashem has stood in our defense. We cannot be swayed by the ignorant or the liberals and bow down to their demands for a cease fire. This will only play into what terrorists, like Hamas, want is nothing more than a recipe for disaster and an end to our destruction. Israel must lead the way. If Hamas were to succeed by our succumbing to international pressure, will only inspire them and other terrorist organization to continue their mission worldwide. Europe is already at so much risk and vulnerable with their humongous population of Arabs.

Am Israel chai! Let the IDF finish their task to remove Hamas – the cruel, inhumane creatures and throw them into the sea where belong without a life raft and let them sink and drown. Israel is doing the world a favor to eradicate the Hamas terrorists. This will be a game changer to thwart and discourage other terror originations worldwide from entering the arena. A win for Hamas would only give them encouragement, signaling their actions are impugnable. Let these events be a turning point to sway Israel to become stronger and unified. Perhaps this was a message/wakeup call from Hashem to save our little country.

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Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.
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