Say yes to an Israeli dress: Pnina Tornai

Ruffles, bows, taffeta and sparkles all represent the elegance and charm that is displayed on the most elegant gowns in the world. A wedding dress defines the day you remember for the rest of your life. Whether your gown depicts luxury and class, or dazzle and flash, the dress tells it all.

Pnina Tornai is an Israeli fashion and wedding dress designer. Before Tornai’s rise to fame, she enlisted in Israel’s mandatory military service. After serving in the military, Tornai moved to Paris, France to pursue an acting career. During Tornai’s time in Paris, she developed a passion for vintage couture fashion. After spending ten years in Paris, she made her way back to Israel and opened a small clothing store in Tel Aviv with one seamstress. Tornai’s shop only consisted of day and evening gowns until a bride walked into the store asking her to recreate one of her evening gowns into a wedding dress. Tornai accepted the challenge and made the dress for her customer. The dress was a major success and was featured on the front page of an Israeli newspaper. Due to the dress’s popularity, Tornai attracted a lot of brides-to-be looking for wedding dresses. In 1992, Tornai transformed her shop into a bridal salon.

By 2005, the ever so famous New York City bridal boutique, Kleinfeld Bridal, brought Tornai in as a permanent designer for their company. Within two years she was their top vendor. Today, Tornai is the only designer to have her own bridal boutique within Kleinfeld’s. Her dresses are sold all over the world, including China, South Korea, Angola, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, Bahamas, Canada and the United States. Her gowns are constantly featured on TLC’s reality television show Say Yes to the Dress, which airs in over 145 countries. Pictures of her gowns have been published in People Magazine, The New York Times Fashion & Style Magazine, and Women’s Wear Daily Fashion Magazine. Each and every one of Tornai’s gowns is hand sewn with fabrics imported from Europe. Her famous body-hugging corsets are dressed up with Swarovski crystals and precious stones. She also has an entire modest line for religious Jewish & Muslim brides.

Tornai exhibits the true meaning of fashion. She takes inspiration from Israel and around the world to build her own bridal empire that has truly taken the world by storm. It is very important for an Israeli designer like Pnina Tornai to work internationally. Brides of all backgrounds gain respect for the Israelis and the Jewish people  when they fawn over a Pnina Tornai wedding dress.

About the Author
Izzy Adler is a grade 12 student in Toronto, Canada. She attends Ulpanat Orot High School and is an active high school intern at Hasbara Fellowships Canada where she is learning to grow as a powerful young advocate for Israel. Adler loves working and volunteering in her Jewish community alongside her family and friends.
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