Hadar Beck

Security Council of Lies

“We the people of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights”.
Those are the words that open the UN charter, the founding document of this international institution.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is also based on the goal of preventing a “disregard and contempt for human rights”, which we all know that has led in the past to the world’s greatest and most horrendous genocide – the Holocaust of Jews.

However, when it comes to the Jewish state, the UN keeps ignoring and abandoning its well-articulated charters, goals and principles. Apparently, when it comes to Israel, the massacre, the slaughtering, and the kidnapping of innocent people, aren’t strong enough human-rights violations.

The same institution which was established on the background of the Jewish genocide more than 80 years ago, by the Nazis, is shutting its eyes to the beheading of Jewish babies, the burning alive of Israeli families in their homes, and the captivity of more than 200 people from all ages and nationalities, in the hands of a ruthless and inhuman terror organization, Hamas, for more than two weeks now.

In other words, the Nazis of the 21st Century, take shape in the form of Hamas-ISIS in the Palestinian authority. While, the world, which takes shape in the form of the United Nations, once again, does not unequivocally stand against it.

This week, The Security Council has gathered to address the situation in the Middle East. After witnessing the atrocities that happened to Israelis on October 7th, one would expect to see a full condemnation of Hamas, including its support by the Palestinian authority. However, it appears once again that when it comes to Israel, a justification can always be found for the atrocities and the barbarism, and to the TERROR that Israelis have been living with for decades.

The words of the UN Secretary-General which tried to “remind” us how the horrendous attacks on Israeli civilians on 7/10 “did not happen in a vacuum” are nothing but a pure justification for anti-Israeli and antisemitic terror.
It is absurd that the same institution that seemingly aims to eliminate international violence, promote equality between nations, and protect human rights, publicly and openly finds numerous excuses and justifications for the butchering and slaughtering of the Israeli public.

Just because when it comes to Israel, the UN “game rules” change.

About the Author
Hadar has her bachelors in law, and an MA in government from Reichman University. She's an alumni of the Argov Fellowship in Leadership and Diplomacy, and currently works as a legal-intern in a leading law firm in Tel-Aviv. Hadar interned at the Israeli mission to the UN, as a team member of the Sixth Committee, during the 77th General Assembly,
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