Semitic Soul Searching

To those who claim, “some of my best friends are Jews”:

Thank you for always checking in on Hubby’s health, how I’m holding up, and for your Chanukah wishes. We appreciate all of you who care about our well being and claim to care about us.

Speaking of our well being and Jewish identity, brings me to the subject of your thoughts and actions on the current 100 percent policy for anti semitism around the world. That policy, should be the zero tolerance policy as it is now for racism and any religion other than Judaism.

After reading and considering my recent TOI blog (and conversations with some of you) about the blatant historic and current anti semitism of The NYT,


after receiving a reply to that particular blog, from a, tone deaf to anti semitism, reader who argued that it’s Prager’s right to make a decision to cancel Chanukah….I (again as is the argument in the blog) answered her, that she is absolutely right about the Prager decision.

Then, because she didn’t get that point the first time, I repeated it again: that the problem isn’t the piece but rather publication of the piece without a counterweight.

Huh??? She said….

Ok, let’s do this again….

Of course Prager has a right to have her opinion, but it is not right for The NYT, as a major, international, publication, to publish such a piece, without a countervailing piece, clearly demonstrating the publication’s respect for Jews (rather than its current position of disrespect for Jews).

What other religious or racial group would the staff, editors, and publisher of NYT think it’s acceptable to play disrespectful games with?

No other group.

One person suggested that any Jew can write a letter to the editor to complain. Here’s the rub with that solution: If a Jew writes in to complain, the NYT wins by showing how fair they are….publishing the letter, in the letters to the editor pages (which is where Prager’s piece belonged); but Jews as a group lose with such a letter, because they are placed in a position of having to write to the Maccabees (speaking of Chanukah) to defend themselves rather than fighting the battle against an abusive oppressor and winning the war.

The battle here is getting as many people (Jews and non Jews) to cancel their subscriptions against The NYT, as an anti Semitic abuser. And the war is respect on non negotiable, never again, terms.

The whole thing would never happen for MLK’s birthday, Kwanza, or an Arab holiday. Only the Jews are fair game and it’s always fun for anti semites to use a Jew (like Prager) to carry the ball. It’s nauseatingly disgusting of The NYT to place Prager in that position and equally do not to seek out a position from an author who thinks differently and publish the two pieces together.

I find it fascinating that this NYT devotee’ immediately replied to me, about the blog, with defensive, tone deafness, about the role of The NYT in this game of taking anti Semitic shots at Jews, by ostensibly having an article about a Jewish holiday one used (as Prager is being used) Jew isn’t celebrating, but nothing about the millions who are.

So, if you are, as this semetically tone deaf (to discrimination when it comes to Jews) reader is, still subscribing to the NYT and/or not telling others about its disgusting one hundred percent tolerance policy for anti semitism, then…..

I’m just curious as to why you’re doing so….

ignoring the problem,

paying, to add to the problem….


continuing to subscribe to a publication that proudly and publicly disrespects my ancestors and those of us still alive (but in danger).

Actually, forget about my curiosity regarding why to those questions. There’s really nothing you can say to justify being an anti semite (sorry to have to be the messenger but the message here is: by subscribing to an anti Semitic publication, you’re complicit in anti semitism).

And, I’m really not at all interested in any “some of my best friends are Jews” excuses, because there can be/are no excuses, including that one, that can work to erase the hurt I feel…..the hurt many Jews feel but are frustrated with the constant battles for respect.

Hey!! I know!! Instead of answering me, please do this: as a Chanukah present to my people, look inward and ask yourself:

why you’re so apathetic about this (if you still are after thinking about this….hope you’re not by now)


would you be apathetic if a major international publication showed such blatant disrespect for Blacks, Arabs, Christians, your ancestors and for you.

And if your apathy still rules your conscience (and your wallet to pay for your subscription), and you think I’m being over the top, consider the following soul searching questions and plan of action:

would you put up with keeping a subscription, in any publication, for a even a mini- microscopic amount of time, if the reporting showed even a whiff of racism or bias against another religion than Judaism? I thought not.


ask yourself why you tolerate a double standard, for Jews versus __________ (fill in the blank with your favorite minority group) by keeping silent about Semitic abuse and hatred.

And, if you’re still wavering about your subscription and have the nerve to say those tests are not for you, all I can say is for shame, step up to the plate, and cancel your damn subscription immediately, already, if not sooner!! And then be proud to tell your friends to follow suit.

And while you’re at it, let’s get together to tell The NYT advertisers that until they follow us, we won’t follow them.

For those “friends” who -after all of this- still think that none of this is a big deal, and besides, you like that Sunday edition and so you’re choosing not to cancel your entire subscription (yup… including Sunday), or the Sunday edition if that’s all you get, then by all means, don’t cancel your subscription.

But, consider that your conscience is pretty much worthless and, that those who have a moral backbone and might know of your weak one (you’ll want to hide it, because it’s not something to be proud of) will consider you, as a decent, caring, human being, completely cancelled.

And….now..a word from our sponsor….for the purposes of my blogs, that would be me….

Thank you for your attention to this matter of life and death…And, in case, you think I’m being dramatic in saying that life and death phrase, please get out your binoculars and re read my blog on the subject of Jewish bird watching….

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