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Send the Palestinians to Iran

Hamas representative in Iran
Hamas representative in Iran

A major issue many Israelis are having to cope with right now is the justified response of the IDF, contradicting their natural compassion for the innocents living in the Gaza Strip.

I say compassion, but I think a better word is “pity,” as the excellent blogger Sam Litvin wrote in his excellent piece, “A people (Palestinians) who are used over and over by Iran, Russia, and every other group around the world because they give them a reason to hate Jews.”

We recognize that the animals who crossed our borders are the monsters, that the barbarians who came over our walls are the true enemy. Unfortunately, we still have to recognize the horrible loss of potentially innocent life that is going to happen when Hamas decides that surrounding themselves with children is a great way to block Israeli bullets.

This concern for the innocents is echoed around the world, with pro-Palestinian groups lambasting Israel for “Telling the citizens to get out” when there is no way out of Gaza.

But, of course, a problem exists. Unsurprisingly, it’s one caused by the UN. In 1949 UNRWA was established, permanently cementing the status of Palestinians as refugees. Despite multiple attempts to “deal” with the refugee crisis, it persists, in large part, due to the refusal of any country to accept the Palestinians.

So, I propose what may be a novel solution.

This entire affair was supported, funded, and partially planned by Iran.

Let the UNRWA finally solve its problem. Let Iran take the refugees displaced by their proxy attack on Israel. Let Iran house those dispossessed by the violence they themselves fomented and let them leave us to clean our house.

I’m sure we will even have some left over for Russia to take.

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