Shame on you, Temple University

Temple University is standing behind their professor Marc Lamont Hill after he made what many on both sides of the political spectrum have referred to as disappointing, disgusting and appalling. CNN immediately recognized that having an anti-semite associated with their brand was bad for business but Temple University doesn’t seem to care what a faculty member says in public or that thousands of their alumni are calling for the termination of Hill. Temple University released the following statement:

“Marc Lamont Hill does not represent Temple University and his views are his own,” the statement read. “However, we acknowledge that he has a constitutionally protected right to express his opinion as a private citizen.”

This statement is weak,pathetic & shows no moral courage at all! Temple University should be ashamed of themselves for standing behind a bigot & anti-semite. Marc Lamont Hill’s mentor is Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan has called my people “Termites” and “Evil”. Farrakhan heavily influences Hill. That is not an opinion, that is a fact.

Everyone knows that the “River to Sea” statement is the universal code for the destruction of Israel. It’s what Hamas leadership uses to rally their supporters for violent uprisings against Israel. It’s what Hamas uses to encourage the murder of Jews & Americans.

Hill has said that was not the intention of his statement  but surely he knows now (and I think knew all along) what that statement means and instead of retracting or apologizing – he’s doubled down.

He has also double down on his call for increased support of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement (BDS).

If Marc Lamont Hill is so interested in justice and peace in the West Bank and Gaza then maybe he should start with Hamas.  Hamas is the duly elected government of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas are the ones who teach their children to hate & murder Jews and Americans. Hamas are the ones who train their children to be soldiers and martyrs.

Hamas are the ones who starve their people, set fire to humanitarian shipments from Israel and who use their resources to build terror tunnels instead of infrastructure.

Hamas are the ones who have sent thousands of rockets into Southern Israel targeting Israeli citizens.

Hamas are the ones who sent kites with fire bombs attached into Southern Israel to burn Israeli fields and homes.

Hill knows all of this and made a conscious decision to close this remarks at the United Nations with the “River to Sea” comment. He knows what he said. He knows what it means. He hates Israel and Jews – just like his mentor, Louis Farrakhan. SHAME ON YOU TEMPLE UNIVERSITY.

About the Author
Bryan E. Leib is a Philadelphia native, he is a Jewish Voices for Trump Coalition Member and a former U.S. Congressional Candidate in 2018 for PA-03.  He is the Chairman of HaShevet and he has served on the boards of the National Museum of American Jewish History, United Way, Jewish National Fund, Jewish Business Network and the Camden Youth Soccer Club. He tweets at @Bryan_E_Leib 
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