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Shirin Neshat’s Iran

The Western world can take a look beyond itself -- at displacement, alienation, political oppression, and more -- with the artist's acute eye

The Israeli general public is likely to associate “Iran” with war, terrorism, religious fanaticism, and “death to America, death to Israel” than to art, contemporary or ancient. Access to Shirin Neshat’s photography and filmography may be helpful to widen the perspective.

The exhibition of her work that just opened at The Broad, in Los Angeles, motivated me to produce a short documentary as an homage to her work. I titled it “Shirin Neshat — Magic Realism Without Smiles.”

Shirin Neshat captures depth from the subjects of her photographic portraits and creates fiction in high-quality videos and film. The uniqueness of her work derives from a feminine sensitivity and an understanding of ancient cultures. She opens a window for the Western world to look at “the other,” beyond itself.

The exhibition is named “I Will Bring the Sun Again,” from the title of a poem by the Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad. It presents over 230 photographs and eight video installations. The images take us to ancient cultures that include not only Persia’s ancient history and traditions, but also to Morocco, Mexico, Egypt, and Azerbaijan. She observes displacement, alienation, and political oppression with an acute eye.

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Rick / Reuven Meghiddo is an architect and a filmmaker of architecture documentaries. His mission is to make the public aware of the importance and value of architectural design. To date, he has produced over one-hundred architecture documentaries. Many can be seen on and In 2022 he was an Award Winner of film festivals in Sidney and in Dubai. As an architect, he practiced in Israel, California, and Italy. Born in Argentina, Rick studied at the Technion and married Ruth Meghiddo, an architect in Jerusalem. He has a Master of Architecture from UCLA and a Dottore in Architettura from the University of Rome. He is an LEED Accredited Professional and is licensed as an Architect and as a Real Estate Broker in California. He is also an accredited journalist.
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