Amiram Eini

Shoe-less truth or the lie and the aftermath.

Israels Military spokesman.

The lie will run halfway around the world, before the truth puts on its shoes.

In no place in the world is this true like it is in the Israel-Palestine-Hamas situation.
The same people that were doubting the validity of the beheaded babies, and needed further proof and pictures. Who after the videos of Hamas fighters parading kidnapped women, showing signs of sexual abuse, refused to condemn Hamas for the reported rape, ran to condemn Israel for a strike on the hospital that was eventually proven to be caused by a Islamic Jihad rocket.

They did it based only on statements from Hamas

Although it took Israel more than three hours to release a statement, after  investigating  all the angles of the strike, releasing video evidence of the strikes. Even after the Pentagon confirmed the Israeli version, most of the Arabic speaking world will stay with the false Hamas narrative.

In this story, lies do not pass without consequences. The hate and condemnations directed at Israel have been strong.

The king of Jordan, and Fatah leader, Abu Mazen, canceled their meeting with the American President, destroying any potential coalition that might have been planned .

Israelis have been asked to leave Turkey, both the American and Israeli embassies have been attacked by mobs protesting in different parts of the world.

We are only lucky that so far no one was killed in this  debacle.

One can applaud Israel for wanting to undertake thorough investigation, and in the end they did produce an impressive presentation of evidence. But it seems Israel had not yet understood that we are in a war, where truth cannot take its time to get out of bed.

There are plenty of people who, after years of targeted demonisation campaigns against the Jewish state, are willing to believe any horror story featuring Israel.

We missed the breaking news, and millions will never know the truth of the matter.
Even respected news sources kept the false headlines on their original stories

The conflict in Gaza is more than everything a conflict of narratives.

Conclusion Israel can no longer afford to let the truth even take of its shoes.

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