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Silence is not Golden

I recently wrote to five major women’s organisations including the UN ‘Me too’ to question them about their silence towards the atrocities of Oct 7th. I’m not sure what I was expecting apart from silence.

This morning I received a reply from, She Builds Peace, a campaign led by the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) where they happily pointed me to their 7-point plan for peace for Israel and Palestine.

And of course, proudly mentioned that ‘We firmly stand against any form of violence, especially towards women and girls.’

I was filled with optimism when I received a reply especially as it was the only one, but needless to say I was disappointed with their lack of outrage at what Hamas did, and of course the need for them to mention the West Bank and Palestinian prisoners in the same sentence as the Innocent Israeli hostages being held in Gaza.

Does Israel, and its people not deserve to be mentioned without the need of bringing up the Palestinians, do our people not deserve the support of these organizations. Are Israeli lives always dependent on the fate of the Palestinians?

Can no one just stand up and say ‘Hamas are a horrific terrorist organization, who committed brutal atrocities on innocent civilians”

This is their 7-point plan;

1. Demand a ceasefire now by all parties to stop this unfolding genocidal violence;

  1. Ensure urgent and immediate delivery of aid to all Gazans to break the siege;
  2. Halt the violence of settlers and the Israeli Defense Forces in the West Bank against Palestinians;
  1. Immediately release all Israeli civilians being held hostage in Gaza and all Palestinian civilians incarcerated in Israel, especially women and children;
  1. Be fair, factual, and balanced in the analysis and language you use. The words you choose can help mitigate and heal our trauma, or they can inflame and harm us all;
  1. Engage in direct high level conflict prevention by visiting Israel and Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank) to pay condolences to grieving families and to prompt an immediate ceasefire; and
  1. Initiate a new process of radical inclusive diplomacy and bi-national dialogues ensuring the full inclusion of Palestinian and Israeli peacebuilding organizations. These groups have sought and found humanity in each other and built bridges, engaged in difficult dialogues and found shared solutions without resorting to violence. Their experience is essential for a future of equal coexistence.

In this 7-point plan, by mentioning the innocent hostages and the Palestinian prisoners in the same sentence (notice how they are not called prisoners, but civilians) they are equating them to be the same and somehow justifying the actions of Hamas.

There is absolutely no mention of the brutal rape and murder of Israeli babies, girls and women and the ongoing torture of hostages being held in underground tunnels in Gaza.

It is also important to point out that not only Israeli Jewish people were targeted, but also Arab Muslims and Druze were murdered and kidnapped as well as civilians from Thailand, the Philippines, Africa, South America, Russia, UK and the USA.

Let us remember that Palestinian prisoners were not kidnapped and are not being held hostage, every one of them has committed a crime against Israeli civilians.

Bus bombings, car ramming’s, stabbings, shootings and stone throwing. Whilst in prison they receive an education, three meals a day, medication and exercise.

Unlike the hostages being held in Gaza, who are being held in cages underground, with no sunlight, not enough food, and unsanitary conditions, they haven’t received their medication for over 100 days. Rape and sexual abuse are happening every day! These are babies, young girls, mothers, grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers, they are innocent civilians. Many of them are peace activists, who drove Palestinians to Israeli hospitals, who promoted living together in peace.

They talk about a cease fire, as if that is a miracle solution, the only thing that will happen if there is a ceasefire, is that Hamas will stockpile more weapons and rockets and begin to attack Israel again. Or worse another 7th Oct.

They only need to listen to the witness testimonies of the released hostages, some of them were held by Palestinian families even the children were involved. In one of these families the father is an UNRWA employee. Not so innocent!

Why is ICAN and so many other organizations unable to stand up and openly announce that what happened in Israel is an atrocity, that the brutal murder and rape of innocents is wrong!

Are we as a nation and a people not allowed to defend ourselves!

עם ישראל חי

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I am British born and attended Jewish primary and secondary schools. My whole life I have been a passionate zionist and made aliyah in 2002. I met my husband and we have two lovely daughters. After living in Israel for almost twenty years, in 2018 we decided to move to England I am a childcare professional and have my own childminding business, as well as being an educator at the Reform synagogue. Along with my husband we run an ‘Israel in Focus” group and run events for our community. I believe that Jewish education must be inclusive, and it is vital we show our children to be proud of who they are. We have to raise awareness, teach history, show them how much they can achieve. Teach them the history of Israel, about our warriors, and our achievement's.
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