Similarities between Jewish and Hindu history

Robert Alexander

Jewish and Hindu cultures are more similar than most people think. Both cultures have an ancient origin with their roots woven into the Iron Age. Around the ten century BCE, both religions surfaced in the Asian subcontinent. Here is a list of some similarities that tie the two religions together.  

  • Both religions have the concept of a creator or father figure that they believe in. In Hinduism, Lord Brahma is the creator of the living beings, and the Jews consider Abraham to be a father like entity
  • The division in the caste hierarchy is another striking similarity between the two religions. The Jews in the early ages were known to have twelve tribes that had a clear demarcation in the societal structure. This included the Amorites, Moabs and several other sects. The same has been seen with the Varna system in Hinduism where the distribution of responsibilities in the society gave rise to sects that would carry out particular jobs. 
  • The two religions have been fundamentals to several other religions. Religions like Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, etc. have arisen from Judaism, whereas Hinduism has given rise to Jainism, Buddhism ad Sikhism. The hints of these cultures are sprinkled throughout such religions that have derived from them.
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  • Both Jewish and Hindu works of literature have had a significance of literature and language. The religious scriptures in Judaism are preserved in the Ancient Hebrew language. Similar scriptures in Ancient Sanskrit are seen to be found in Hinduism. The significance of these early forms of language has been massive as they have been evolved over the ages to not only exist as Hebrew and Sanskrit at a certain point but also give rise to newer languages eventually. In Hinduism, Hindi which is currently spoken avidly in the country is a derivative of Sanskrit. The importance and integrations of languages through these religions have been instrumental.
  • The ritualistic natures of both Hinduism and Judaism have been prominent in their respective ways. The rituals around the burning fire in Judaism are a very significant part of their culture. The sacrifices with fire and worship are key elements of the religion. Similar rituals are seen in Hinduism, where mantras are chanted in religious ceremonies to signify all-important life endeavors including birth, death, or any other auspicious events.

Thus, Jewish and Hindu cultures have deep-rooted similarities that have existed since the early ages. With their benevolent intentions and friendliness in the communities, they share more in their nature as much as they do in the significance of their religions. 

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