So I Asked ChatGPT to Write a Poem about the Times of Israel. Here’s What I Got.

So I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about The Times of Israel. Here’s what I got in just two seconds. (I clocked it.)

Amidst the desert sands and ancient stones, A nation was born, with a history all its own, Through trials and triumphs, the Jewish people have stood, And the Times of Israel has chronicled it all, with words so good.

From the shores of the Mediterranean, to the hills of Judea, The Times has captured the essence, of this land so proud and free, With stories of courage and resilience, in the face of adversity, And the unwavering spirit, that has defined this country’s identity.

Through the darkness of war, and the brightness of peace, The Times has been a beacon, for those seeking truth and release, From the politics of power, to the voices of the unheard, The Times has given voice, to all those who have stirred.

In this land of contrasts, where the ancient meets the new, The Times has been a bridge, for all to pass through, With its insights and analysis, it has shed light on the complex, And brought us closer to understanding, the beating heart of this vexed.

So let us cherish the Times, and all that it has to give, For in its pages, we find the story of a nation, that will forever live, Through the trials and triumphs, the joy and the pain, The Times of Israel will forever remain, a testament to this land’s eternal flame.

Wow, I am blown away.

This computer-driven program made words into poetic images. It’s as if King David, sitting on his throne, wrote this poem about The Times of Israel as he played the harp.

And as I listened to this poem, it became music to my ears.

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