Social Media And Phone Usage While Traveling in Israel

Israel may be considered to be a small country in comparison with others, but there is no shortage of things tourists can see and enjoy. Today’s travelers often would like to share their experiences with all of their friends and family back home, whether it is over an email or through posting images and videos on social media.

If you’re traveling to Israel from America or another far away country, then you may be in for a very costly surprise if you decide to use your phone as usual. You must be aware of international phone rates, which can often be as high as $5 per minute. To ensure your trip is more affordable and easy on your budget, you may consider purchasing a prepaid SIM card before you leave or while you are in Israel. You should remember that Israel has several different cell phone providers, with the two main ones being Orange and Pelephone.  Of course, this goes without saying, but you will require an unlocked phone in order for this plan with a prepaid SIM card to work. Many travelers often find it simpler and cheaper to purchase an unlocked used phone from eBay or any other source. While this option is not without its risks and issues, it is still a very useful option if you plan on traveling often around the world and if you can find a reputable seller. If your flight is arriving at the Ben-Gurion Airport, you can also rent a phone from there too and then drop your phone back off at this same location before you leave for your flight.

If you are looking to share your photos and videos on social media immediately then you may want to consider purchasing a temporary data plan for your trip too. Fortunately, if you are in a major city, such as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, then it will not be challenging to find free Wifi spots such as coffee shops, restaurants, and other public places. However, you may encounter additional issues accessing Wifi when you are in remote areas such as Golan Heights, the Dead Sea, and out in nature. While you are traveling, you should also consider sharing photos and videos with friends and family on social media platforms too. This is a great way to share your experiences with the world, and also encourage others to start traveling too. You can even publish this content on your corporate social media and blog accounts if you are an entrepreneur. You should also ensure you publish your posts and content using the correct keywords, this will ensure your photos and videos are more visible when people search for related content online.

If you’re traveling from North America and you are planning on bringing your domestic phone, then you will need an adapter for your charger.  If your phone does not include the option of accepting a 230 volt supply, then you will also need to purchase a power transformer to prevent your phone from overheating while it is charging from this higher voltage source. Israel typically uses type-H plugs, which is a type of plug that is unique to both Israel and the West Bank region. The H-plug is grounded with three round pins, while the H-socket also has three circular pinholes that can accept type-H plugs.

In today’s age of technology and use of social media, you may find it very difficult to abstain from using social platforms to share your experiences with friends and family while you are traveling in Israel. Therefore, it is key that you fully understand how service and data plans work in Israel, and how to charge your devices and connect to the Wifi.

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