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з днем незалежності україно! Today, albeit in a restrained way, the people of the Ukraine celebrate their independence day, and I am sure the Free World shares, vicariously, the spirit of  a proud people who have so courageously defied Russian imperialism, and, despite some setbacks, continue to vigorously oppose the aggressor. 

The British prime minister has shown steadfast solidarity with the people of the Ukraine, and proudly walked with President Zelensky in the streets of Kyiv. It is fitting Johnson’s unequivocal support for the Ukraine should be recognized by being awarded the country’s highest honor for foreign nationals, The Order of Liberty. It is Britain’s support in providing essential armaments that is, in part, responsible for Ukrainian successes against the Russian war machine. The pledge from Johnson of a further £54 million in additional weaponry will make the Ukraine more than a match for a dispirited Russian army, largely made up of conscripts. With mounting losses, now estimated at 45,000, Putin can take little comfort and must be wondering how to extricate his country from an illegal war; he may also be pondering his position at home.

I reported in my blog last April that although the Ukrainians were deploying resources in defense of their country, it was by taking the war to Russia, by targeting the enemy’s installations, that Putin would start to feel the heat. With more sophisticated equipment, particularly drones, Ukraine has clocked up some notable successes in destroying Russian armament. Psychologically this will prove to be a useful counter-measure in destroying the myth of Putin’s inviolability. The more  Ukraine can harry the Russians, the greater damage it can inflict on Russian supply lines, and, sadly, the greater number of body bags that are returned to Mother Russia, the more likely Putin will decide to sue for peace. 

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Peter John Beyfus is an historian, published author, poet, and a person who prides himself on “thinking outside the box”. I have written many essays on Jewish themes, published in various journals, including ‘Wessex Jewish News’ and ‘Westminster Quarterly’, the magazine of Westminster Synagogue, London.
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