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Tree of Life
'Tree of Life' - Acrylic on canvas - 60cm x 80cm

Inspiration arrives like a cool breeze on a hot day

or an orange flame on a chilly night

a whim

a glance

an insight

a wave on calm waters

a storm at sea

a vision in the night

a passion



without warning

a butterfly landing on our hand

spreading its rainbow wings

flying into the distance

leaving without a trace

a lost memory

a fleeting moment

containing the universe.

About the Author
Maiyan studied art at Ruth Prowse in Cape Town and anthropology, linguistics and Hebrew at University of South Africa. Made aliya. Trained in mosaic restoration in Israel. Joint owner of Mystica Art and Design with husband (Ceramic Design at Betsalel). Ceramic design, mosaic art, painting, public and private art commissions. Initiated and collaborated with art projects in South Africa, Israel, Fiji, Mauritius. Artist and writer of short stories about surreal experiences and Jewish identity.
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