South Sudan: resolving tribal conflicts would benefit Israel

The world’s newest democracy, South Sudan has many challenges. Among those challenges are their own complicated tribal conflicts that have stymied South Sudan’s sustainable nation building that would provide the region a democracy in a part of the world where Jihad breeds (Sudan, Libya, Sinai, Kenya, Uganda, Chad).  Israel would benefit from a safe, secure South Sudan – close enough to be a significant geo-polical ally.

Unfortunately, the news out of South Sudan is dominated by continued inter-tribal fighting.  Although, South Sudan achieved its sovereignty in 2011, after 99 percent of South Sudanese voted to break away from Sudan (North), tribal conflict has prevented the nation from building a strong, safe, democracy in the region.

Last week, a trusted source on the ground in Juba, South Sudan, reported that the streets in Juba were eerily quiet; Juba was on edge.

Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Chief, Paul Malong was released from his duties by South Sudan President Salva Kiir in an effort to ease tensions between majority Dinka militia and other tribes. He was replaced by former deputy chief of general staff, Gen. James Ajongo Mawut.

South Sudan’s President Kiir asserted confidence in the former Dinka SPLA Chief, Malong, but stated a change would be good to squelch Dinka fighting with the 64 other (documented) tribes.

The South Sudanese opposition groups further expressed concerns about the “untold” and “unbearable” suffering of South Sudanese people, whom they said urgently and desperately needed peace.

“Aware that the regime in Juba is dysfunctional, in crisis, paralysed and about to implode and take the country down with it, if no urgent action is taken to save the country, to unify it, and reclaim the country from forces who want to destroy and liquidate it, it will not survive,”  they said.

Moreover, Israel’s interests in a democratic Sudan, free of conflict for the following reasons: 

Hamas has a close relationship with North Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, a convicted war criminal.  Hamas has used Bashir’s North Sudan in its route for smuggling weapons into GAZA and some very large shipments have been intercepted by Israel.

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While the chaos in the outlining areas of Juba continues, supply routes to the Nuba Mountains where Nuba Christians and marginalized Black Muslims hide, live and attempt to survive and thrive, are starving and humanitarian conditions are grim.

Nairobi press is reporting 23,000 South Sudanese crossed into Sudan (North) last month bringing the total this year to 108,000.

The Irony:

Many of the persecuted South Sudanese who fled North Sudan, have had to return to the arms of war crimes president, Bashir, as they seek safety from conflict in South Sudanese.

“It is a peculiar tragic, and devastating commentary on South Sudan that hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese are fleeing their independent land to seek sanctuary and sustenance in the lands of their former oppressor.”  Sudan expert Dr. Alex de Waal commented last Tuesday.

Jewish Policy Center reported back in 2009, an identified ship sunk an Iranian vessel off the Sudanese Coast in the Red Sea hat was reportedly carrying weapons to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. An Egyptian security source alleges Israel was responsible.

Sudan has ties (past and present) to Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. Tehran has provided the Khartoum government (Bashir) with weapons and military training.

Sources close to the conflict in South Sudan reported to this writer today:

“The only chance for a unity government in South Sudan is if the old tribal leaders allow the youth of South Sudan to take leadership roles — youth from the ICC (Inter Church Committee).

Urgent peace keeping is needed, along with humanitarian aid to bring stability to the world’s newest nation — thereby, benefiting Africa and being a vanguard against Jihad in the region.

Lisa E. Benson

National Security/Foreign Policy Analyst, Public Speaker & Commentator

About the Author
Lisa Benson is at the helm of The Queen Esther Project (QEP)( a charitable humanitarian endeavor with a mission to educate on tyranny and genocide worldwide. Particular emphasis on Anti Semitism. QEP also has a local mission to aid refugees in our local communities are in urgent need of care and comfort as a result of fleeing persecution in home countries. Lisa Benson is a 25-year veteran of humanitarian, foreign policy, national security and nonprofit sectors. Lisa has been the voice of accurate, measured foreign policy information on Salem Radio KKNT, Phoenix, and the architect of Lisa Benson TV (streaming) and countless video and published reporting on geo-political issues. She is a compelling public speaker, broadcaster, non-profit development consultant, writer, humanitarian, and national security analyst. Lisa Benson is the author of a soon to be published book, “A Daughter’s Journey Into Ohrdruf Concentration Camp.” As a child, Lisa was introduced to the horrors of genocide by her father, Vincent, a concentration camp liberator. She remembers being only ten-years old when her dad sat her down at the kitchen table and tossed 12 packs of photos to her. His words resonate, “I want you to know where I was and what I saw.” Lisa recalls this story with tears in eyes as she will never forget that moment. The photos of piled up dead bodies were taken by Vincent when he marched into Ohrdruf concentration camp liberating it on April 4, 1945. The Ohrdruf camp was a sub camp of the Buchenwald concentration camp, and the first Nazi camp liberated by U.S. troops. From a 10-year old little girl with indelible memories, to a grown woman traveling the world speaking out on atrocities of unfathomable proportion, Lisa Benson holds nothing back as a speaker, broadcaster, activist or human rights educator. She is a riveting, compelling and transformational public speaker. The Queen Esther Project imbues the spirit of its namesake: Queen Esther. Knowing that “We Are All Born For Such A Time As This,” The Queen Esther Project has an ambitious agenda to educate, and eradicate, tyranny and genocide. Using the tools of broadcasting, publishing, online education, public speaking and fostering communication to world leaders, donors can be assured that with Lisa’s guidance projects will provide impact — the men, women and children in harm’s way will now have more Queen Esther’s to walk with them to safety. Lisa Benson invites you to join in the campaign to rid the world of genocide by 2022. The #EndGenocide2022 campaign seeks to obliterate the forces of genocide by the year 2020. We won’t stop until all ethnic and religious minorities are out of harm’s way. Lisa Benson has a B.A. from the State University of New York at Albany and attended graduate studies at the Rockefeller College of Public Policy at the State University of New York at Albany. Lisa is also an avid hiker and artist.
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