Speculating On Biden, Jews and Israel Through Partisan Political Views Is Noise!

With all of his flaws and shortcomings as any political candidate, Scranton Joe Biden has always been my candidate of choice. I say this in full disclosure. Yes he has made some errors. Who hasn’t. No, he isn’t perfect or right on every issue, but who is? Do I agree with him on everything? No, I don’t. Is he the next Messiah? No he isn’t. Yet he is a principled and successful politician who’s overall record of legislative and political accomplishments is both impressive, consistent, principled and with noble and honest intentions.

Is he a refreshing contrast to what we’ve had in the White House the last four years, you betchya and that’s why I am disappointed in those talking heads and columnists who through their lenses of partisanship and need for attention are writing some of the most hateful and inaccurate predictions about Biden’s appointments and policies as if they have a magic crystal ball. With some self-anointed sense of authority they hammer at his appointments, possible appointments, possible policies and their own fears from their political perspectives of what life might be like under Joe-Biden and Kamala Harris, reflecting some pretty deep-seeded prejudices and constricted thinking without any regards for facts and reality. To me, it’s just noise and has diminished some great respect for many of them, even though sometimes I disagree.

Let’s start with Caroline Glick, a right of center columnist, with whom I have differences, but generally hold in high regard as do others who just blew herself out of the water with this bitter assessment of Joe Biden’s appointment of Tony Blinken, the Jewish stepson of a Holocaust survivor as Secretary of State and who is drawing universal bi-partisan and international praise for this announcement:

“The first place to look for the new Jew-hatred is in Joe Biden’s appointments. Most of the attention this week has been focused on Biden’s senior appointments. Biden appointed Tony Blinken, who is Jewish, to serve as his secretary of state. As John Kerry’s deputy, Blinken played a major role in crafting the nuclear deal with Iran which, while billed as a non-proliferation agreement, gave the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism an open path to a nuclear arsenal. Like his former boss, Blinken is faithful to the view that the Palestinians are the strategic nerve center of the Middle East.”
This kind of journalistic commentary ascribes Iranian non-complicity and Trump’s pulling out of it and to Blinken’s alleged belief that “Palestinians are the strategic nerve center of the Middle East,” whatever that means. Both Joe Biden and Tony Blinken are very much aware that the Middle East is a much changed place since 2016 and appear to have already committed to build on the recent new realities and new hopes generated by the current administration. It is wrong for ideological pundits to ignore these when making such statement and it becomes just ‘noise.”

Next Adam Kredo, in the right-leaning Washington Times, makes it sound like its big time news that “Anti-Israel Groups Mobilize to Install Allies in Biden Admin.” This is not news, this is noise. New would be if this pressure was successful and Biden did appoint some of the Looney Tunes and dangerous people the extremist wing of the party pushed. I didn’t see the Washington Times making a big story out of the extreme right pressure Donald Trump got to appoint megaconservative donor Betsy DeVos as secretary of education to dismantle public education or all of the corporate and industry lobbyists to be entrusted to rape public lands, ravage natural resources, role back attempts at universal health care and pollute the environment. In writing about normal everyday transitional politics as if it were life threatening to Jews in America, Adam Kredo writes from a tainted political point of view reflecting more his own fears and reliance of right wing propaganda than actual facts and real news and that simply is not news, it’s noise.

Next, there’s Tom Friedman who with his usual command of the obvious, please with Biden in NY Times Op Ed to realize that foreign policy is not about Iran’s nukes any more and that alot has happened in the Middle East and advising him about trying to reenter a nuclear deal with Iran as Biden were Rip Van Winkle and that his administration was going to be Obama 3.0. Come on Tom Friedman, there was a heady and smart Joe Biden well before Barak Obama and there appears to be a heady Joe Biden well after him as well. Joe Biden is a very smart man and doesn’t need your condescension to advise him. Your opinion on this is not helpful, it’s noise.

These are just three examples of the kind of “noise” and commentary I do not feel are helpful because they say more about the writer and their lens than about the issues they address and, quite frankly, ad to the lack of helpful commentary reflecting on real news and real issues. Without being constructive, supportive and accurate, most of this commentary is noise and neither the American public or the incoming President need it after the last four years. My very wise Mother, may she rest in peace, used to remind me often, that,” if you don’t have anything helpful, instructive, constructive or nice to say, don’t say it…it’s just noise.” Joe Biden was elected by 80 million people to do a job. He will get plenty of noise, but he will be judged on facts and outcomes, not noise.

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Retired College Professor (Walden University and Penn State University), President Emeritus and Co-Founder Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Professional and Community Leader. Writer, Blogger, Academic Activist. Residing in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.
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