Speech of the prime minister of Israel B. Netanyahu in the congress

Interview of News Azerbaijan with the Middle East expert Ali Hajizade:

– How do you estimate speech of the prime minister of Israel B. Netanyahu in the congress of the USA against negotiations of the USA with Iran?

– It is quite possible to call this performance scandalous and going outside the framework of diplomatic protocol. The attitude to Netanyahu’s performance on a whole is either extremely negative, or extremely positive. The Israeli prime minister arrived to Washington by the invitation of the speaker of the Congress, organized by republicans sidestepping the White house. Naturally, it couldn’t revolt some congressmen of democrats and Obama’s administration.

For example, the pro-Armenian senator Nancy Pelosi sharply reacted to Netanyahu’s speech: she accused Netanyahu that he allegedly “offended mental capacities of the USA” by the speech. However, if we reject a peel and small intrigues aside, in the whole Netanyahu touched rather acute problems and pointed to the miscalculations of Obama’s administration in the speech. It should be noted that weakness and incompetence of Obama’s administration in international relations arouse indignation at the American experts and politicians also.

Netanyahu warned the USA against signing of the agreement with Iran. According to Netanyahu, Iran will use it for creation of the nuclear weapon, as according to those conditions, which are offered Iran at present, it will be able to keep considerable part of the nuclear infrastructure that will allow Islamic State of Iran to become the owner of the nuclear weapon within the shortest possible time. Naturally, it is inadmissible for Israel.

Besides, Netanyahu emphasized that emergence of the nuclear weapon in Iran will also induce other countries of the region to creation of the nuclear weapon. This is absolutely fair remark.

First of all, one can speak about Saudi Arabia, which is the main competitor of Iran in the region of the Persian Gulf. Netanyahu also reminded that Iran is “the sponsor of terrorism”. Most likely, he meant the relations of Iran with such enemies of Israel and sources of instability at the Israeli borders, as HAMAS and Hezbollah.

It is an open secret that these organizations, generally speaking, are financed from Tehran, which uses them for pressure upon Israel and internal promotion. There is an internal political background at Netanyahu’s visit: this month (on March 17) parliamentary elections will take place in Israel. Netanyahu, certainly, wants to win on them. His impudent performance in the Congress of the USA, urged to serve the purpose of protection of interests of Israel, can’t pass unheeded in the country and can’t be positively reflected in the prime minister’s rating.

– Many experts consider that the destiny of democrats in the USA depends on arrangements with Iran. How do you think, whether war in the Middle East will start in case of coming to power of republicans?

– The destiny of democrats in the USA depends on many factors; the arrangement with Iran is one of them. It is important, but not the most important. As for war in the Middle East, it already goes in Syria in Iraq. I don’t expect that the USA will go for war with Iran. But the Israeli military strikes against nuclear infrastructure of Iran and rapprochement of Israel with Saudi Arabia should not be ruled out. But rapprochement, of course, will have rather confidential character.

– Presence of Islamic State in the region influences prices of oil, because Islamic State sells oil at low price. How do you think, what is the role played by presence of IS in the region of the Middle East?

– Logically, presence of IS has to provoke increase in prices for oil, as IS creates instability in the oil-bearing region. But we see that prices of oil, on the contrary, fall. And it isn’t connected with sales of crude oil at low prices by IS.

Volumes of oil, sold by IS, aren’t so high to influence the world prices for oil. IS throws down a challenge to safety not only Syria and Iraq, but also Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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