Kirill Solod
The Golda Meir Institute for Political and Social studies

Spiders in a jar

Сurrent situation in the public policy of Israel can be described as a fight of spiders in a jar. Relationship of spiders, being kept in a jar, are based on distrust, suspicion, misinformation; alliances are temporary; participants are cynical. Unfortunately, the result of such public policy can be the complete degradation of the State system.

Today we are witnessing significant changes in the socio-political life of Israel. But most Israeli politicians still do not understand that after October 7 the country became different, its people became different. And politicians must also become different. Changes in people’s consciousness directly affect their attitude towards government, and many public groups are already reconsidering their opinion about the State policy of Israel.

Politicians and parties need to reconnect with voters. In reality, we continue to observe a battle of spiders in a jar, which is about criticizing all the decisions and actions of the ruling coalition.

Israeli society is united against the backdrop of common goals and objectives. This unity, which had not seen for decades, must be cultivated into a long-term development program for the State of Israel.

Tribunes, including those on TV channels, must be used exclusively to promote concrete proposals and solutions. Society is tired of political scandals – it needs a clear vision of how the State will live the day after the end of the war. How will the economy work, what reforms will be carried out in the security sector, and etc. Israelis need a new social contract. Politician who will be able to find himself in the new conditions of interaction with society will rise to the Olympus of Israeli politics.

As for Benjamin Netanyahu, he will most likely face the political fate of Golda Meir. No wonder President Joe Biden mentioned his meeting with former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir during his first talks about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. After the war, Israel will have many commissions analyzing October the 7th. Netanyahu will retire to write memoirs and speak at universities around the world. And Israeli society will argue for centuries about his political career – whether he brought more good or bad.

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Political advisor. Research analyst. Government Relations, International Affairs, Political Sociology. Head of The Golda Meir Institute for Political and Social studies and managing partner of the Institute of Political Consulting LS GROUP. Former consultant to M. Gorbachev on public relations. Former head of NGOs in Russia. MBA, Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, 2010). Repatriated to Israel in 2017.
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