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Stand Against Terrorism: A Call to Action

In recent years, Israel has faced a recurring threat: the firing of thousands of rockets from the Gaza Strip, orchestrated by Hamas. This has become an almost routine occurrence, normalized by international pressure on Israel to unjustifiably risk the safety of its citizens to maintain an idea of peace between the Jewish people and the terror state of Palestine, which has never had any intention of peacefully co-existing with Israel.

Thanks to advanced defense systems like the “Iron Dome”, casualties have been minimized, with typically 1-2 fatalities in each incident, a phenomenon that only occurs in Israel, where citizens are expected to accept and justify attacks of terror against their people without retaliating.

What happened last week?

On October 7th, Israel and the world finally understood that such an arrangement wasn’t feasible, as hundreds of armed terrorists stormed through the defensive wall surrounding Gaza, to spend several hours, slaughtering and kidnapping hundreds of civilians, all the while documenting their butchery on social media for the world to watch.

The state of Israel and the world were in shock but for two different reasons.

Israelis have always been aware of the murderous intent of Hamas and those living under its rule, and that the only thing holding their vicious intents at bay was the strength of the Israel Defence Forces.

The world, nations who have sent billions of dollars in aid to support the Palestinian cause, now exposed,  believed that what took place in Israel on the 7th wasn’t their true intent – naivety at its worst.

What occurred was due to Israel’s lack of preparedness, being caught off guard on a sabbath morning at a Jewish holiday, it is not because of divergent behavior from Palestinians, whose intent has always been to bring to fruition what occurred on the 7th of October, who openly celebrate the massacre as an accomplishment.

Make no mistake, this was on purpose and has always been the purpose of the Palestinian movement, the massacre of every Jewish person living in Israel.

To put it in perspective, the last time this many Jews were murdered in one day was during the Holocaust.

Timeline of Events:

  • October 7th: On the Jewish holiday of ‘Simchat Torah’, rockets began firing from Gaza into neighborhoods along the Israeli border. Disguised as a “typical” rocket assault, a thousand Hamas operatives infiltrated Israel’s borders. They stormed towns, kibbutzim, and villages in armed vehicles, going from one house to another, executing and kidnapping civilians by the hundreds, all the while documenting the entire event on social media. At the end of the day, over 4,400 rockets were counted to have been fired into Israel.
  • Casualties: Current reports indicate over 900 fatalities and 2,600 injuries, with many in critical condition. The final death toll will probably be significantly higher.
  • Kidnappings: Over 150 individuals, including infants, children, women, and the disabled, were abducted and taken to Gaza. Videos circulating on social media show infants, children, mothers, youth, soldiers, and even the elderly, being forcefully pulled over into Gaza, their screams of terror dulled out by the loud celebrations of Gazans.
  • It took Israel several hours for the Israel Defence Force to respond, but the entire country is now in a state of war, with the population either engaged in combat or supporting the troops engaged in Gaza and on the Northern border, with all other civilians tending to the displaced victims of terror any way they can.

How do we take action?

With voices of support for Israel resounding across the world, now the Palestinian agenda that Israel has spoken of for decades finally exposes itself to the international community to witness firsthand, as they themselves proudly documented and celebrate their achievement for all to see.

As a Swede, born and raised in Malmö, a Jew, and a dual Israeli citizen living in Sweden, I am appalled by the lack of response from the Swedish government and most of the international community. 

In times like these, in-action can only be equivalent to neutrality, and I urge the Swedish government to not remain neutral in the face of terrorism whose sole purpose is genocide.

Israel is in great peril, with an overwhelming amount of injured, a shaken economy, a nation at a standstill, and threats from the terror organization Hezbollah in the North, all the while demilitarizing Gaza to rescue the 150 kidnapped victims.

Action is required. As a concerned citizen, as one voice of many, I plead with our government to take a stand against terrorism and openly proclaim the following:

  • Publicly affirm Israel’s Right to Self-Defense
  • Immediately cease all aid to Palestinian Initiatives
  • Provide Immediate financial relief and assistance to Israel
  • Withdraw representatives in any way related to the Palestinian state.
  • Designate Hamas as a Terrorist Organization
  • Acknowledge Iran’s Role in sponsoring terrorism
  • Support Israel’s Defensive Measures
  • Publically declare intentionsEmbassies to Jerusalem

Never again

The recent events in Israel serve as a grim reminder of the constant threats the nation faces, a threat that is absolutely unique to Israel but is supported by an intent that affects us all, global terrorism. 

One day, I will bless my two children as they join the Israel Defence Force to defend their country, and I will remind them that they are risking their lives to protect civilians and to never allow evil to parade freely again, as it did on the 7th of October, this year.

The international community must recognize the severity of the situation and take decisive action against terrorism in support of Israel. Not only is the safety and security of Israel and its citizens dependent on it, but the course of each nation is determined by their response and reaction in the face of evil.

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