Lali Michaeli

Still tears

Holocaust and Heroism Day, 2022

I love Jewish people all over the world. I get teary when I meet a person who turns out to be Jewish. I hug him or her. This person is not a stranger—he or she is a brother or sister. We share a history of the extermination experience. We share the genes of survival. Together, we hold onto life and self-respect.

I understand when Jewish people keep quiet, not talking about the shameful cruelties perpetuated upon them by other humans, so as to not shake the souls of their descendants. I understand their will to be whole – and that silence can also be a message, loud as a shout.

Jewish people know what it’s like to feel fear, which is the blood that turns color, eyes that open seven times. Jewish people know what might happen to a person just because he or she is a Jew.

Most Georgian Jews survived the Nazi invasion because two generals blocked the German forces; but Georgian Jews still knew what was happening, experienced fear and grief, lost brothers and sisters.

I love Jewish people all over the world. Anyone who does not, has no place on our earth.

The exposed cock
And the shout
Will not be deleted
but I
That I did not go up in flames in time
Fly to space

About the Author
Lali Tsipi Michaeli is an Israeli poet. She immigrated from Georgia to Israel at the age of 7. She has published six poetry books so far. Attended international poetry festivals. She was part of a residecy program for talented writers in New York at 2018.
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