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Stop. Go.

Improve yourself and society: Cease and desist from everything bad in the past year, and get the jump-start on 2017

Stop the slaughter of Syrian children.
Stop killing innocent black people in the streets.
Stop mass shootings at schools.
Stop gunning down the gay community in clubs.

Stop claiming the Holocaust didn’t happen.
Stop killing animals and posing for pictures with them.
Stop not calling it terrorism when it is.
Stop hating the police.
Stop with your p***y grabbing.
Stop hiding thousands of emails.
Stop elections that embarrass everyone.
Stop patronizing.

Stop saying you’ll lead when you won’t.
Stop sticking needles in your skin.
Stop thinking everything is a graph.
Stop living on Facebook.
Stop with the Brexit fiasco.

Stop telling me Prince is gone.
Stop telling me David Bowie is gone.
Stop telling me Leonard Cohen is gone.
Stop telling me George Michael is gone.
Stop telling me Carrie Fisher is gone.

Stop arguing on social media.
Stop looking into your phone instead of at your children.
Stop pretending you’re friends with someone.
Stop being so annoyingly liberal.
Stop being so damn conservative.
Stop playing the victim.
Stop making so much noise.
Stop being part of the silent majority.
Stop having a herd mentality.
Stop taking selfies.
Stop waiting for someone else to do something.

Stop ignoring the best of humanity.
Stop ignoring the worst of humanity.
Stop thinking it’s not okay to cry.
Stop teaching kids to hate.
Stop being impatient.
Stop thinking everyone else has it better.
Stop believing everything you hear like it’s gospel.
Stop your smoking.

Stop debating the Iraq war.
Stop debating the Iran deal.
Stop stopping all the great TV shows.
Stop caring only about yourself.
Stop thinking your own little corner of the world is the world.
Stop simplifying the refugee crisis.
Stop cancer.
Stop Parkinsons.
Stop Alzheimers.
Stop ALS.

Stop the icebergs from melting.
Stop killing the bees.
Stop polluting the seas.
Stop tearing up the trees.
Stop drowning your kids in CO2.
Stop making animals extinct.
Stop saying we’re not killing the earth.

Stop objectifying women.
Stop hating women.
Stop abusing women.
Stop kidnapping women.
Stop covering your body.
Stop chopping people’s heads off.
Stop knifing people in the streets.
Stop blowing people up.
Stop driving trucks into crowds.
Stop supplying arms with the sole purpose of killing.

Stop your dog pooping everywhere.
Stop charging 20 times what you should charge.
Stop deliberating on the dance floor.
Stop media’s profit motive.
Stop health care’s profit motive.
Stop terrorizing people.
Stop child abuse.
Stop sitting in the dark.

Stop pretending to be a journalist.
Stop playing dramatic music on the news.
Stop telling everyone yoga is the answer.
Stop arguing in front of your children.
Stop ISIS.
Stop Islamophobia.
Stop blaming the Jews and Israel for everything
Stop anti-Semitism.
Stop homophobia.
Stop the glass ceiling.

Stop thinking you’re better than everyone else.
Stop going to sleep with your phone.
Stop thinking everything’s so simple.
Stop thinking everything’s complicated.
Stop UN hypocrisy.

Stop getting implants.
Stop eating so many hamburgers.
Stop adding so much sugar.
Stop drinking so much coffee.
Stop taking what isn’t yours.
Stop with the fake laughter.
Stop letting people get away with it.
Stop teaching kids how to use digital devices before they should.
Stop thinking there isn’t another way.
Stop going it alone.
Stop being lazy.
Stop being a workaholic.
Stop ignoring others.

Stop talking at others instead of to each other.
Stop having to be on 24/7.
Stop wearing sandals with socks.
Stop living in code.
Stop alternative reality
Stop telling me geeks rule.
Stop getting drunk and fighting.
Stop texting while you drive.
Stop biking with your children without helmets.
Stop reducing everything to 140 characters.

Stop looking at failure as success or at success as failure.
Stop thinking about whether or not you should say it.
Stop the Nazi salutes.
Stop extremism.
Stop the unfair pay.
Stop Boycott Divest and Sanction.
Stop pretending you understand.
Stop lowering the standard.
Stop idolizing sport stars.
Stop cheating on your partner.
Stop delaying getting that passport.

Stop not listening to entire albums.
Stop suppressing your gut feeling.
Stop clinging to your perspective.
Stop drinking yourself to death.
Stop using PMS as an excuse.
Stop thinking you know what it’s like to be in my shoes.
Stop living life on autopilot.
Stop hurrying to respond.
Stop saying you don’t know how to make a business plan.
Stop the KKK.

Stop being afraid to hold your child a little closer.
Stop oversharing.
Stop preaching your religion.
Stop arguing at traffic lights.
Stop dying for honor.
Stop arguing for honor.
Stop honor.
Stop resisting the other side.
Stop conforming for the sake of conforming.

Stop hugging if you don’t mean it.
Stop creating false narratives.
Stop seeking wealth.
Stop foaming at the mouth.
Stop thinking it’ll never change.
Stop thinking the ends justify the means.
Stop thinking a future is guaranteed.
Stop forgetting how far we’ve come.
Stop being willing to throw it all away.

Stop saying you can’t.
Stop saying you won’t.
Stop saying you don’t.

Stop the bad.
Start the good.


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