Howard Burns

Stop President Putin

9 days into the most talked about war, in real time, in history and the most common word bantered about in every language imaginable is this : STOP.

This seems to be the message of the world to and about Vladimir Putin – STOP.

There are so many anomalies and fears with the universe screaming into the darkness of the abyss. 2 weeks ago, for millions of Ukrainians, the reality of war was as unreal as the earth being hit by a comet from space and the horror of the imminent obliteration of all they hold dear was unthinkable, unimaginable and incomprehensible – and yet, here we are

The analysts are in their element. ‘They saw the signs that this would happen years ago’. ‘They told us so’. ‘The writing was on the walls’. ‘History repeats itself’. ‘It was written in the stars’. Monks in the 14th Century foresaw this event in unintelligible prophesies and wrote about in undecipherable scripts and hieroglyphic predictions engraved on crumbling tablets of stone.

Now what …..

STOP. It really is the best advice for everyone in any and all situations.

STOP. It gives you a moment to get your thoughts together.

STOP. It makes you pause before you pull that trigger or press that button.

STOP. It gives you that space in time to take that breath you so desperately need to take.

STOP. It allows you to open your eyes and look around to see that you are not alone.

STOP. It lets in the music of the spheres, the lessons of the past and the hope for the future.

STOP. It is the space between the lines the silence between the words.

STOP. It is neither positive nor negative, happy nor sad, loud nor quiet.

STOP. It delivers no message nor teaches any lesson.

STOP. It has no judgement no recrimination.

STOP. It is the difference between life and death.

Please President Putin, just STOP.

Please just STOP President Putin

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I am 67 live in Haifa with my wife of almost 40 years and our dog Mama. I have 2 grown up children and a granddaughter. I made Aliya at the age of 22 from London, England. Since the onset of the Pandemic I have been teaching exclusively online as a personal coach and language trainer for business executives, government and municipal officials and medical professionals in Israel and all over the world..
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