Keith Brooks
International Business Executive Living and Working in Israel

Stop Raising Haters

If I had titled this, start raising lovers, I would get more clicks, but hear me out first.

There is a problem in the world, kids that have yet to reach high school are spouting bad rhetoric they learned. Where did they learn this?

Their friends

Their teachers/schools.

Their parents.

Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, Websites

Do you see the pattern? All have adults at the core. Where do you think
their friends get these ideas from in the first place?

Your Laissez-faire parenting skills are not enhanced by tv, radio, press or social media sites. Your kid’s teachers are not there to preach biased opinions, well usually they aren’t. You are only making the teachers work harder as they have to unravel your influence that intercedes with their day to day education.

We have failed as parents to instill in our children the Torah values of justice, equality, respect for our governments, learning, teaching right from wrong, not to speak ill of others, not to lie, not to curse the deaf and not to put a stumbling block in front of a blind person, respect their parents and their teachers.

What are/were you thinking by ranting and raving in your homes or shuls or buses about some politics or halachic issue?

In most cases, you are unqualified to provide any real direction, so what is your goal?

Why are you teaching the next generation of children to be ignorant, and oblivious, to information which is available? Why do you as an adult feel hurt because of these things? I am pretty sure when you die no one will be asking you

I am pretty sure when you die no one will be asking why you sided one way or another.

Right now you are screaming at the screen, that I am some crazy hippie who has no idea how the world works. Well, you are partially correct.

So, tell me, why is it so important to you, a nobody of the world, which candidate, prime minister, actor, musician or checkout person to vilify because you can’t believe their lack of caring about you and your situation?

If all of Israel is responsible for one another, I don’t want to be your keeper and I really don’t want you to be the one that instills such horrible values into my children.

If we are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves, you all failed at that one.

Big time.

Now you have passed on your bias, hatred, animosity and ignorance to your children, which in turn influence mine too. Not my older kids, but my youngest one who is easily influenced.

Stop it. Now.

Your inability to have a rational discussion on any topic, because of a lack of knowledge, or your misplaced belief that the left, right or center is misguided only exacerbates the problem.

No side is perfect, your life sure is not.

Neither is mine.

Life is too short to waste it on politics and strife that we on our own create when there is so much death, misery, and real issues throughout the world.

Get over yourself. Help make a better tomorrow. While history has proven the human race is clueless even at the best of times. It is the people who look forward, with knowledge of the past, that create our future.

This is the way I teach my kids while educating them on various topics so they can make some reasonable decisions on their own. I give them the information I know at the time and ask them what they think and how they would address the situation.

So, pretty please, with sugar on top, stop raising haters.

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Keith Brooks made Aliyah in 2014 with his wife, 3 kids, and their dog. Keith writes about his Aliyah, Israel and Jewish life in general. Keith is CEO of B2B Whisperer, helping executives become better speakers and presenters. Keith advises B2B companies on their strategy as it relates to sales, pricing, marketing and competitive intelligence. Keith is a MassChallenge Israel mentor, an HCL Ambassador.
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