Suicide Mission Possible

The Kremlin keeps pumping out misinformation to justify its actions and cause confusion in the West. This tactic, hybrid warfare, is well known by NATO strategist, and has to be countered by exposing the lies emanating from Russia. 

Threats of causing chaos in food distribution, creating shortages and inflated prices, is the latest from the Putin regime; we have already been reminded that Russia is a nuclear power and is ready to use weapons of mass destruction if provoked. Putin is now inviting seasoned Middle Eastern combatants to join the war; these are likely to come from Syria and have expertise in urban warfare. 

Putin’s war is not going according to plan, no matter what his henchman Lavrov mouths in public, and that is why there is a steady stream of extremist propaganda issuing from Moscow. The bear is feeling the heat and this is the precise moment to pile on the pressure, leaving Putin in no doubt that the West will not abandon the Ukraine and will not tolerate Russian intimidation. The next week or so will force Putin’s hand: either he will decide to shut down the misjudged invasion of the Ukraine, or expand the war, risking direct confrontation with NATO. If the latter, then the Russian military hierarchy must step in to stop the likelihood of a Third World War, which any rational being would wish to avoid!

About the Author
Peter John Beyfus is an historian, published author, poet, and a person who prides himself on “thinking outside the box”. I have written many essays on Jewish themes, published in various journals, including ‘Wessex Jewish News’ and ‘Westminster Quarterly’, the magazine of Westminster Synagogue, London.
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