Audrey Biloon

Sunken Standards

I had a discussion recently with a friend about the upcoming (or morally downsliding) US Presidential election. He said that he couldn’t vote for Trump because Trump was immoral and a criminal. My answer was that every politician, except, perhaps, Washington, Lincoln and Truman has engaged in immoral offenses and criminal behavior. He agreed but then retorted, “That’s like saying to a police officer, “Everybody speeds so why stop me?”

My answer to that is found in questioning our own personal and political standards. If “everyone” speeds or if “every” presidential candidate or president (again, with the exception of Washington, Lincoln and Truman…and yes, I’ll give you Carter, who only lusted in his heart) has engaged in immoral behavior and criminal activity, why aren’t we proud to admit that our moral and legal standards, as a nation, are in the gutter?

If our moral compass isn’t working, to the point that we tolerate immoral and illegal activity among those who are supposed to serve us, why pick on one person as an example of our holier than now attitude? Why not, instead, admit to the world that we have no standards and just give everyone a pass?

I think the answer is that (as a nation or as a decaying society) we don’t want to admit we’re very flawed. Wanting to appear to the world as adherents to morality and legality, we make a sacrificial lamb out of one person to hide behind our own highly decadent tolerance levels.
This low class brand of tolerance mirrors the ICC (as the holier than thou war crimes standard bearer for the world) blaming Netanyahu for the war that Hamas started. This is clearly the result of antisemitism. When the Jews didn’t fight back against the Nazis the world blamed us. Now that we fight back against the new Nazis (re born from the old clan…check out history, folks), the world blames us. No matter what we do, the constant rallying refrain is to “blame it on the Jews”. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that the ICC says nothing about war crimes by other countries and groups within them, such as the Janjawied in Sudan and Darfur (finding “not enough evidence”), Russia against Ukraine, and by Hamas Inc. before and on October 7th, to name just three among thousands going on every nanosecond the planet turns.
The current disgusting double standard of decency means the ICC has absolutely no standards about war crimes, but to cover that fact up, it selectively chooses, for its own aggrandizement, to put on a sacrificial lamb show against Israel, led by none other than Mrs. George Clooney (who should be ashamed of herself) while praised by Hamas, as her Hollow-wood cronies and our so called “democratic” (as in democrats) politicians remain deafeningly silent.
The only way to hold ourselves accountable for our outwardly stated (but inwardly corrupt) beliefs that we adhere to moral and legal principles is to clean up our own messes and “throw all the bums out”.
Lacking the willingness to do so, let’s just admit we’re drunk on decay, allow every head of state and every politician to act according to our no standard policies, and do away with public shaming so that Trump can try to do his job, to make an attempt to defend us. If he’s not allowed that chance, G-d help us as Jews and all others who will also be seen as infidels.
About the Author
Having been a teacher, social worker, radio show host(ess), newspaper columnist and lawyer, Audrey, now retired, writes, teaches improv, performs stand up comedy, and continues to practice turning stress into gratitude……which is sort of like practicing law: the practice won’t always result in perfection.
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