Support the Country You Live In, Or Live In The Country You Support

As protests and counterprotests have surged across the world, this phrase that appeared on a T-Shirt, is very fitting. In fact, it has always surprised me that Jews come to Political Islam protests with Israeli Flags as opposed to their home country’s flag. While there may be some countries where this concept wouldn’t fly (i.e. South Africa as an example), the general rule that waving American Flags, British Flags or French Flags as opposed to Israeli Flags at Political Islam rallies on college campuses, usually have a much stronger statement to the broader public. The reason is very simple, democratic countries support the will of their citizens through a combination of free elections, protection of rights, rule of law, transparency, accountability, public participation, and responsiveness to the needs of their citizens. These mechanisms ensure that the government is representative, accountable, and aligned with the interests and preferences of the people it serves.

Hopefully, this thought promotes more meaningful and helpful dialogue to empower not only Jewish citizens of democratic origin countries, but also American, British, and French citizens, to denounce Political Islam as dangerous and threatening to democracies worldwide. The American, British, and French flags are connected through their shared colors, historical influences, and commitment to democratic values. They each symbolize significant historical movements toward democracy and liberty, and they continue to represent these ideals in the modern world.

All the governments mentioned here have made the decision to support Israel in its inherent right to self-defense through a democratic process. Political Islam has chosen to thwart the democratic process either through the lens of purported colonialism or other blood libels spread through the media.

Those who wish to live in countries that support Islamism (namely, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc.) and participate in rituals to trample and burn the American Flag are welcome to live in those countries. But for most law-abiding citizens who wish to remain in democratic countries devoid of anarchy and dictatorship’s, it is important that those law-abiding citizens be free to live in such countries as well. Next time you see Political Islam activists blocking bridges and roads or setting up encampments on college campuses, remember to pull out your home country flag, guaranteed it will make a bigger statement.

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