Suspicious death and Oil price

Tow weeks ago, one of the Saudi Arabian journalists was disappeared in Saudi embassy in turkey. After a while, it has been announced that he has murdered and his corps is not available. He fled Saudi Arabia in September 2017 and He said that the Saudi Arabian government had banned him from twitter and later wrote newspaper articles critical of the government. has been deeply critical of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, and the country’s king, Salman of Saudi Arabia. He also opposed the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.

But the most important point here is that, our country is the role model of freedom and humanity so our government must show the best reaction for this issue.

Our foreign policy in middle east shows our power in the world, like our reactions about Yemen and Syria. And about this issue our president should do his best to conserve the image of America all around the world.

As an announcement from John Owen Brennan the Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency it is impossible that the Saudi crown was not aware of Khashoggi’s murder. It shows that, although Saudi Arabia is one of our allies and the best buyer of our missiles, but keeping our power in the middle east and punishing who is guilty will make a better image from our nation to the world.

Another effect of murdering and disappearing this journalist was increasing the price of oil and, this effected on American people directly. Also, in a threatening note, Al-Arabiya’s director wrote that if Washington would bind Riyadh, Saudi Arabia would raise the price of oil to $ 200, stop purchasing weapons and imports from the United States.

Thanks to our strong government, we hope to see something really special about this issue and like before, sense of pride brings back to our country.

About the Author
Elnaz Sotoodeh is from Tehran. She is an English translator for several news websites.
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