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Sustainable Peace Plan for the Middle East

  1. The Ignored Threat

The growing antisemitism and propaganda war against Israel since October 7th has shown that Jews and the Jewish state have many remarkably influential opponents in the West, while they are largely left alone in the confrontation with a solidarity Arab and almost completely solidarity Islamic world. “Almost” means that Iran is fairly isolated in the Middle East conflict, despite its obvious efforts to promote Islamic cooperation in the Palestine conflict.

It calls for vigilance that the same Western media chorus, which distorts Israel’s history and legal situation more and more every day, continues to serve the 45-year-old image of a monstrous Iran, which is presented as the greatest threat to Israel, while comparable long-time supporters of Islamist terrorism such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are kept out of focus.1)

False friendship is of course well hidden. This gives even more reason to learn from the rare cases of discovery. One of these occurred during the First Gulf War (1980-1988) between Iran and Iraq, when the US officially supplied Iraq with weapons; The CIA even helped with the use of poison gas (Sarin, among others.2) The even bigger scandal, however, was that the US secret services supported not only Iraq, but also Iran with weapons – which came to light in the Iran-Contra affair (1986-1987).

This case highlighted the actually hostile attitude towards the ‘friendly’ Iraq, which was later completely overthrown in two wars (1991 and 2003-2011). Iran, weakened by the First Gulf War and a long chain of sanctions, remains a target to this day. The obvious existence of open opponents and the possible existence of false friends pose a largely unnoticed danger to the Jewish state. This consists in forces seeking a ‘solution’ for Iran in a war of mutual annihilation with Israel.

Even if Israel was to survive militarily after nuclear destruction of Iran, the resulting increase in propaganda would lead to gigantic antisemitism in the United States that could plunge the country into civil war. This danger has been apparent since Biden took office.3) The systematic ‘legal’ prosecution of Trump supports the suspicion that some influential people may be interested in precisely this polarizing, self-destructive development.

In order to counter this serious threat, an immediate rethink of the security strategy is necessary. Although Israel’s current retaliation in the Gaza Strip is fully morally justified, the planned strikes against Rafah and Iran must be canceled and replaced by diplomatic moves whose key question could be: “What would have happened if the Israeli army had not been stronger than the Hamas fighters?”- They literally expanded their October 7 attack into the long-announced genocide of “throwing the Jews into the sea” – See point 6 below.


  1. Those Responsible
  • Due to the lack of publishing capacity, Israel cannot successfully defend historical truth and its legal position against the combined propaganda power of tens of thousands of “benevolent” organizations, the UN and the mainstream media.
  • But it can present a morally coherent peace concept to the world public. At this level of principles, values and morals, Israel has superior potential, because what matters is not the amount of repeated ‘information’ but the consistency of the concept, which must be rooted in irrefutable truth.
  • After more than 100 years, it can be summarized that the restoration of the biblical Jewish homeland in Palestine, promised in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, has been mismanaged on a gigantic scale. History provides enough facts to make it possible to correctly assign undeniable blame for this catastrophe.
  • As the most influential power in the victorious alliance in WWI, Great Britain bore the primary responsibility for creating a stable post-war order. But the United Kingdom ignored the terms of the relevant mandate treaty of 1922 with the League of Nations. Among other counteracting measures, it hindered Jewish immigration and land acquisition and instead promoted strife and terrorism through catastrophic poor personnel decisions – with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem as the main example. 3) The British withdrawal from the unfinished project in 1948 could not free the Mandatory from responsibilities towards Arabs and Jews.
  • As for personal suffering, many Arabs, especially those still living in refugee camps, are undoubtedly victims of circumstances. At the same time they are guilty. Like the citizens of any country actively involved in war, they share responsibility for the actions of their leaders. When the Germans voted for Hitler in 1933 (just as the people of Gaza voted for Hams in 2006 and continue to express their loyalty today), they had to pay the bill – with the bombing of their cities, kidnappings, captivity, starvation, systematic killing of refugees, mass rape and expulsion from the eastern quarter of their country. Applying these standards to today’s Gaza Strip, the IDF’s consistent elimination of Hamas fighting posts is handled more than fairly – even announcing every major attack in advance.(The civilian casualties in Gaza are mainly attributable to Hamas fighters, who systematically set up their combat posts in sensitive public places such as mosques, hospitals and schools – thus provoking civilians to become victims.) In view of this, the“moral” support for Hamas in media and UN commentaries as an irresponsible 1:1 reproduction of demonstrably truth-distorting Hamas propaganda.4)
  • Therefore, those Western citizens, politicians and journalists who support the Hamas terrorists in demonstrations, statements and publications must be aware that they are also partly responsible for the consequences. By taking action openly, they assume shared accountability for the ‘solution’ that Hamas openly proclaimed for Israel and the Jews in its 1988 Convenance (Charter) and in the 2017 supplementary document – to wipe out Israel in Jihad, i.e. by force. Article 13 of the agreement states: “Initiatives and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences contradict the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement (=Hamas).… There is no solution to the Palestinian question except through jihad.”Their goal is not a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as Western media make us believe, but the entire territory between Jordan and the sea for an Islamic state.
  • The naive Western followers of these hardline jihadists are at the same time destroyers of their own societies by promoting the worldwide spread of an unreformed Islam, which as a political ideology is incompatible with the fundamental values of democracy, personal freedom and the equality of men and women.5) The decades-long obstruction of a peaceful settlement between Jews and Arabs by history-benders to the detriment of Israel turns out to be inextricably linked to the flooding of European and other Western countries with Muslim migrants who lack the basic prerequisites for integration into free democratic societies.
  • The guilt of the UN, including UNRWA, lies not only in the accumulation of unfair resolutions against Israel, but in a complex war by other means. These means include psychological tricks such as supporting terrorists in enacting the role of victim and freeing Arab countries from their responsibility for refugees and refugees from self-responsibility. The latter includes the obligation to maintain a demographic balance with the resources generated, which is also a prerequisite for harmonious coexistence with other societies.6). Such a rational development was torpedoed by the United Nations through the construction of refugee camps after the attack by six Arab countries on Israel in 1948, while these people should have been properly taken in and integrated by the aggressors – like Israel in particular, but also other Western countries have integrated even larger numbers of Jews who were expelled from Arab countries.


  1. Necessary Steps
  • Since the real roots of terrorism are psychological, it cannot be definitively eliminated by military means alone. This applies even more to Hamas in Rafah, whose top leaders have long since resided in Qatar, where they can welcome the deaths of Palestinian civilians, as every real and every alleged case increases worldwide propaganda as well as Western aid and sympathy for anti-Semites and destroyers of Israel.7)
  • The correct documentation and attribution of blame for the Middle East conflict to Britain, the United Nations and thousands of organizations must lead to the initiation of a peace process based on the principle of responsibility.
  • The UK should take responsibility for Rafah. No charges have to be brought against Hamas fighters who lay down their weapons. Anyone who resists should be forced by the British army. Following the denazification process after the Second World War, at least all Hamas fighters, politicians and regime employees, all UNRWA school teachers and other people with public responsibility should undergo a de-radicalization process. This must go hand in hand with a general democratization program. – Britain has great experience in developing even small areas such as Hong Kong and Singapore into prosperity. The UK should therefore launch an education, science and economic initiative with the aim of achieving living conditions similar to those in Singapore by 2050 at the latest.
  • For the Gaza Strip, which has already been cleared of Hamas, the UN should be responsible for implementing a similar program. The bill for repairing and rebuilding the damaged buildings should go to a special fund. NGOs and other organizations that have been involved in distorting Israel’s history and legal position should be required to contribute to financing this fund. Anyone who refuses to participate should immediately lose their tax exemption and legal action should be taken. To the extent that the fund can’t cover the needs, Arab countries that supported radical Islamism at least before September 11, 2001, namely Saudi Arabia and Qatar, should pay in the missing balance as fair compensation.1)
  • Also under UN responsibility, the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank must be obliged to hold democratic elections. Only people who are willing to cooperate constructively with Israel can be admitted to the candidacy – as a prerequisite for peaceful coexistence of civilized societies. With these constructive people, the Palestinian population can be carefully led to self-responsibility, a task that UNRWA and Hamas have been able to “successfully”*) avoid for decades. The question of complete Palestinian statehood or autonomy is secondary to the core question of defined borders. A timetable should be set for a final agreement on this issue, as well as a requirement that the entire border line between Israel and the Palestinian West Bank, for example, not be longer than 300 km. The parties must find a fair pattern to define areas in which referendums should be held in order to realize the self-determination of the local population in the event of a dispute.    *) A scandal that also shows the EU Commission’s shared responsibility – with the question of personal legal concerns.
  • As a preventative measure, the establishment of a security belt along the Gaza-Israel border is obviously necessary. Based on the successful gradual withdrawal from Sinai up to 1982 – according to the motto: peace for territory – this security belt is to be returned after a few probation years without significant violence. Ultimately, a similar solution should be applied to the West Bank, too.
  • Since the Middle East conflict must be viewed as only a part of the historical rivalry between the (Judeo-Christian) free civilization and the Islamic world, the solution of one of these conflicts cannot work sustainably without that of the other one.8)
  • It would increase the effectiveness of the peace initiative if it were announced jointly by the Government of Israel and His Royal Majesty of the United Kingdom, the latter being mentioned as the selected Mandatory for Palestine in the 1922 Treaty of Mandate. At least in a moral sense, the contract is still valid.


About the Author
Christian Rudolf Hamann was born in October 1949 in Berlin/ Germany. After having finished school in 1968, he studied Geography, Biology and Politics in Hannover and Mainz till 1973 and then worked as a secondary school teacher until his retirement. Since 2013, he lives alternately in Uruguay and Germany. Throughout his life, he has continued to study independently, especially in the fields of history, politics including sociology, economics and psychology. His credo is that democracy is not a finished model, but a living principle that must be improved in a historically never-ending process and strengthened against the grip of uncontrolled power - namely that of money. History presents itself as evolution (as a composite of biological, technical and socio-organisational evolution), while politics represents its current management. Therefore, especially socio-organisational evolution can only be steered back into stable channels and kept there permanently if political management respects the eternally valid rules of evolution. The simplest and most effective way for the necessary course correction is to detect the increasing violations of these principles.
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