Taking Bets on 35 — Mutiny in the Knesset

A new government, after 17 months without one, has now been sworn in. At the same time, the 35th Knesset was also sworn at. Several lawmakers heckled prime minister Netanyahu’s address, defying his remarks. A few Knesset members were escorted out of the plenum.

Netanyahu, as always, made several promises, many if not most of them he will be unable to keep.

Our 35th Knesset cannot long exist nor function on a bed of more broken promises.

Yesterday Yuval Steinitz was informed that he would not have a portfolio in the new government. Today there was another turn-about-face, typical of Netanyahu’s character (or loss of character) and Steinitz is back in the new government. Anguish and anxiety turned into rest and resolution.

Benny Gantz, in his remarks, appealed to his former Blue and White partners Lapid and Yaalon to be reconciled and to join the coalition in the newly formed government. An appeal which fell on deaf ears.

Yair Lapid is a powerful speaker and his condemnation of Gantz, Netanyahu and cohorts is bitterly strong.

I am presently taking bets on the lifetime of the 35th Knesset. Its “death” will result in the fourth election.

One of the strongest and most loyal of all Likud Members, Gidon Saar, has been denied a portfolio as a minister in the new government. That is Netanyahu’s revenge on one of his most devoted Likud members but also the only member who defies the prime minister’s criminal acts and has long been seen as a threat to Netanyahu for the office of prime minister.

Saar’s response to the rejection was pure and warm. “I will be honored to serve as a member of the Knesset where I can best serve the people and the State of Israel”. Spoken like a true gentleman !

It is difficult to understand Netanyahu’s selection of ministers with portfolios. Some of the portfolios to ministers have been newly created, making it the largest government in Israel’s 72 year history. And the costliest.

New elections would have been less expensive but Netanyahu was afraid of the chances.

I do have some hope for the now sworn in (and sworn at) government but as a pragmatist I am not much encouraged by its future. One, I see, as another failure.

For the first time in Likud’s history, there was rebellion (some say Mutiny) among Netanyahu’s Knesset followers, mostly due to discontent with being offered lower positions or no positions at all in his newly formed government.

And even if he, in his political manner, succeeds in soothing the discontent, anger and bitterness, they will still remain as a reminder of his disloyalty to his senior past ministers.

Once again, it follows his character (rather loss of character)… promises made and promises broken. Lies and distortion. It is what we have come to expect from a corrupt prime minister who places his ego above his people.

On my calendar I have marked the date the new government was formed, leaving enough space to mark the date of its dissolution.

And with the end of the new government all of Benny Gantz’s dreams of becoming prime minister will fade away in the winds of foul and misguided, mismanaged leadership at the hands of a master of deceit.

In the event of a new fourth election in the heat of August I have no intention of voting. Unless the Likud party disassociates itself from its leader there is little or no chance whatsoever to form a Knesset and cabinet with honorable women and men who will abide by the laws which benefit all the citizens of Israel.

Until that day, I am putting my shekels down on a bet that Knesset # 35 will not last very long.

The rebellion and mutiny will continue. It will sadly be called “Milchemet Achim”…. A civil war.

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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