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Shana Meyerson proudly stands with Israel, with the United States, and with Benjamin Netanyahu.
Photo courtesy of: Shana Meyerson. Standing strong with Israel, the USA, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hate Bibi? I don’t.

Oh…and I’m not afraid to say things just because they aren’t popular to say.

Spoiler alert: it’s also not popular to say you love Israel. I do.

Here’s my real question: if you hate Bibi…why?

Because 99% of the people I ask that question to don’t have a good answer.

So, I’ll venture an answer:

Most people have turned against Bibi because the media has programmed them to.

Think about this: if you stand with Israel, you know how desperately biased the mass media is against the Jewish State these days. And that the media is engaged in a massive propaganda war–largely fueled by Qatari investment–designed to undermine and defeat Israel not on the battlefield but in a war of words.

There are multiple media watchdog organizations (MEMRI and CAMERA to name just two) that exist solely to expose this horrifying and deeply detrimental bias.

So, why do you trust the same media that gives you completely destructive (and in no way objective) reporting on Israel to give you accurate reporting on Bibi?

Is there any chance that this is yet one more avenue that is being weaponized to tear apart support of Israel and, in fact, the Jewish State itself?

Question on top of the question on top: if you hate Bibi, how could he do better?

The Left says he is too far right, the Right says he is too far left. Half the world wants him to stop fighting and just bring home the hostages, the other half wants him to fight until Israel secures definitive victory. World leaders scream at him to go slower, but for a tactical win the IDF has to go faster. Much faster.

Then there’s the issue of having elections and government turnover and turmoil in the middle of a seven-front war. Have you SEEN Israeli elections? Do you know how chaotically democratic they are??? Coalitions are HARD to form these days and do we really want to overthrow a government while they are fighting a war for survival?

For the brave few who have been willing to stand up and speak up loudly and clearly for Israel (aka: for the just and moral war of good vs. evil), doesn’t it make sense that the vast propaganda machine that seeks to destroy Israel from every possible angle would try to recruit you, too?

Please don’t fall into that mousetrap.

After 10/7, Israel and the Diaspora saw a unified Jewish front that has not been seen in decades. A front that exemplifies the best of who we are as a religion, a culture, a nation, a people.

Benjamin Netanyahu has the hardest job in the world right now. And we are his people. His army. Let’s fight this war…together!

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Shana Meyerson is a proud member of the World Jewish Congress's Jewish Diplomatic Corps and AIPAC. Professionally, she is an internationally acclaimed yoga instructor, based out of Los Angeles, California.
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