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Tech Leaders: Didi Gurfinkel, CEO, DataRails

Didi Gurfinkel, DataRails, Source: PR
Didi Gurfinkel, DataRails, Source: PR

Welcome to my Tech Leaders Interview Series, where I interview impactful leaders and ask them to share tips and techniques that have benefited them, both in their personal and professional lives. 

This interview is with Didi Gurfinkel, Co-Founder & CEO of DataRails

About Didi: 

Didi Gurfinkel is Co-Founder and CEO of DataRails. Didi was previously a GM at Cisco. He has extensive senior management experience with a focus on growth and innovation.

What are your main productivity tips? 

Just do it. Now!  

What is your favorite drink?


How do you deal with stress and anxiety? 

I deal with stress and anxiety by accepting that they are part of this high-tech world. They can be seen as moving forces, impelling me forward rather than constraining or paralyzing me. If I couldn’t deal with stress and anxiety, I wouldn’t have gone into this fast-paced, ever-challenging game. 

Your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Hitch your wagon to the stars.

Who in the Tech industry would you like to meet for lunch?

I would like to meet my co-founders, Eyal Cohen and Oded Hartal, for a casual lunch. We are always too busy.

 If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

I am always delighted to travel to different places, but there is only one place where I want to live, and that is here in Israel.

What is your favorite book recommendation? 

Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets, by Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead, and Kevin Mane. It’s all about how to become a “category king.” 

Why are you in Tech?

I’ve been programming since I was 11 years old. I find it wonderfully fulfilling, deeply rewarding, richly replenishing. The world of high-tech encourages and stimulates, challenging us to create, recreate, shape, reshape, constantly revisioning and re-visioning. It is an exciting world, and I feel proud and privileged to be part of it.

About DataRails: 

DataRails is revolutionizing the way financial professionals analyze and report their data without changing their basic processes. This is accomplished via a patented platform that automates the process of consolidating, analyzing, and reporting financial data. This allows users to gain access to a comprehensive understanding and advanced insights into their businesses, save valuable time and manpower assembling financial reports, and ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations. Founded in 2015, DataRails currently serves hundreds of clients and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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