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While I generally applaud the Wall Street Journal’s editorials, I have been finding their reporting to be rather deficient insofar as their articles on the Gaza war tend to take an anti-Israel slant. I have been sending emails to the articles’ authors but generally receive no reply. The following letter (unpublished) was sent yesterday to the Journal as a Letter to the Editor —

To the Editor:

In today’s Journal, in an article headlined “Israel Steps Up Attacks in Southern Gaza as Negotiations Stumble”, your editors saw fit to place in quotes the word “terrorists” when describing IDF reports of Hamas casualties inflicted by Israeli forces – as if to question whether Hamas fighters are terrorists. Yet, in the same edition, there is the following headline: “Tourist Stabbed to Death Near Eiffel Tower in Suspected Terrorist Attack”, where the Journal’s editors had no compunction to call that attacker a terrorist. It might be useful to hear from the Journal the distinction between the two situations.

Ronald Scheinberg

Highland Beach, Florida

December 3, 2023

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