The Absolute Victory of Hamas

I do not know if to start with “fortunately” or “unfortunately”, but the present war unveiled the true face of the Jewish-Israeli society and its army. No more pretending and propaganda. For our horror, the terror organization of Hamas succeeded in converting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into his own style: religious, racist, fanatic and endless.

I have always “loved” finance minister Bezalel Smotrich. He always said what the majority of Jews in Israel think but pretended to be democratic and liberal. Segregation of Jewish and Arab women in maternity wards always existed and practiced. Smotrich was the first to back that openly and officially. Believe it or not, I supported him: I do not want my woman to be in the same room with SETTLERS women. But on the top of Smotrich’s truthful statements was about the terror organization of Hamas: it is a treasure. Smotrich does not recognize modern economic systems, since he wants a financial system of “ if ye walk in my statute” (Leviticus, 26, 3). For Smotrich, the cause of the Hostages in Gaza is a minor issue. The outrage that this declaration aroused is fake and unreal. The Jewish Israeli public opinion cares mostly about the continuation of the present war until “absolute victory”. Can someone explain what that means.

Next comes one of the greatest lies in modern history: the Israeli army is the most ethical in the world. Well, the almost 30000 Gazan victims in this war (so far) were killed by aliens from another galaxy. This war aired what was published in international media for decades, and now it is said even by Israeli and international most official authorities: criminal acts, looting and plundering, and rape.

Third, many people, Jews and Arabs were shocked by what Nir Meir, outgoing Kibbutz movement leader said: he is proud to be the person who broke the link between Kibbutzim and Israeli left, settlers are right, and Kibbutzim must support Orit Strook and Ayelet Shaked. In my humble opinion, Haim Levenson is wrong: Meir is Smotrich without Kippa. Reviewing the history of the Kibbutz movement reveals two solid facts. Kibbutzim are the greatest Arab land confiscators and they have the greatest share of the Palestinian Nakba. The fact that they vote for Meretz means almost nothing. Meretz is extremely capitalistic party, not economical left. Moreover, most of the real left activists (B’Tselem, Machsom Watch, Yesh Dean and Peace Now) came from cities (Meretz) not Kibbutzim. So “blaming” Kibbutzim of being left is really strange and insulting for them. Kibbutzim contribution to Jewish-Arab coexistence in Israel is negligible.

Now we reached one of the most vivid evidences that Hamas won: Israel is becoming pure religious state. Watch MK Galit Distel Atbaryan describing Judaism and why it should be taught to all Jews in Haredi style. On the top of all qualities, Judaism is “dynamite”! I have almost said that Judaism and Islam are equally stupid. Take what Distel Atbaryan said, translate to classical (good) Arabic, give it to Shia preacher, and you have a perfect homily from the heart of Karbala in Iraq or Qum in Iran.

Fifth, I beg an apology from my readers. I was shocked when I saw this confrontation between Minister May Golan and MK Meirav Ben Ari (short version). On one hand, those of you who do not understand Hebrew are lucky because you do not understand this filthy talk. On the other hand, there is no word in the world that can describe this talk like the Hebrew word: התבהמות. Sorry, no translation.

Finally, and moving away beyond the Atlantic ocean, I have always “admired” American foolishness. It is mostly funny, but in some cases, it is horrifying. A few days ago, we had a new record. New York Governor Kathy Hochul said that Israel has the right to DESTROY Gaza in response of October 7th 2023 attack. And now hold your breath: “If Canada someday ever attacked Buffalo, I’m sorry my friends, there would be no Canada the next day, right, right?” Does any of my readers know a more stupid saying? This person in the governor of the most important state in the USA. Poor world. Miserable humanity.

About the Author
Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.
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