The Anonymous “Mr. Kerry”

In a magnificent speech “delivered” at the Saban Conference, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, David Horovitz, provides us with a “transcription” of Secretary-of-State “John Kerry’s” brilliant remarks.

In them “Mr. Kerry” apologizes for America’s inability to recognize more clearly and with more sensitivity Israel’s difficult position in an area surrounded by terrorists, young Palestinians, bent on daily stabbings, shootings, car rammings, and death of our civilian and military population.

The words are a magnificent tribute to honesty and should be preserved in our national archives of media information.

However, “Mr. Kerry”, as an outsider lacks the ability to understand and to grieve at our pain. He does not have, and is unable to have, the sensitivity of every Israeli citizen who longs for a peace which evades us.

If I could reply to “Mr. Kerry”, I would tell him that soon I am approaching my 83rd year of life and I know that I shall not live to see a peace agreement signed by Israel and the Palestine Authority. I know that my oldest child, 54 years old, will probably not live to see it either. And I wonder if my 19 year old granddaughter will see such an agreement signed in her lifetime.

Sadly to say, I have lost all hope and faith in such an accord. Both we and the Palestinians talk of peace and a two-state solution, but frankly speaking, I doubt that either party really wants it.

It is necessary to speak publicly of peace in order to placate the nations of the world, but silently, in our heart of hearts, I don’t believe that most Israelis are willing to cede to Palestinian demands and to surrender territories which we conquered after the 1967 war.

We won. They lost. And they must suffer the consequences of their hostile attacks against us. Returning to them territories which they lost would be a reward for their hostility, something that we cannot and must not do.

The American nation never returned captured lands which it stole from Mexico in 1848 and annexed to the United States. In that year, Mexico permanently surrendered to the Americans and was forced to accept the loss of its lands along the American borders. Likewise, the Palestinians need to realize that what they lost cannot be regained. They must build their lives and their eventual state on the territories now remaining to them.

“Mr. Kerry” has made suggestions to us which we cannot accept. To do so would end our sovereignty as a democratic Jewish State in the Middle or muddled East.

Re-reading for the third time David Horovitz’s account of “Mr. Kerry’s” remarks, his wisdom and his brilliance shine as bright as the Chanukah candles glowing in my chanukiyah. It would be an immense gift to the people of Israel if our government appointed Mr. Horovitz to be our Minister of Hasbarah.

His clear thinking and his powerful words will convey our position to the nations of the earth. He writes in the tradition of the speeches made by Abba Eban, our first Ambassador to the United Nations. And Eban was hailed as our greatest spokesman.

I am only a simple writer, recalling my youthful years in an Israel filled with hope and guided by Zionist dreams. Then I was young. Now I am old. And my once-upon-a-time happy dreams have turned into nightmares.

It is a pity that “Mr. Kerry’s” remarks were not made by the real Mr. Kerry. They were written “in absentia” by our esteemed TIMES OF ISRAEL Editor-in-Chief. Although I am not a popular blogger, I am proud to be a member of his team. This, my 95th published article, is a tribute to David Horovitz. Kol ha kavod.

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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