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The Blind Side of the New Proposed Utopian M-E ‘Biden Doctrine’ Ignores Reality

Most, if not all Israelis yearn for peace and coexistence with their Arab neighbors. Their Arab neighbors have, over the years, unfortunately, pursued the destruction of the only Jewish state. In more recent years, various peace agreements and the Abraham Accords have lead to more peace and stability in the region.  The Palestinians, however, have vowed to annihilate Israel “from the river to the sea.”

In the January 31, 2024 edition of The New York Times, longtime journalist, Thomas Friedman, laid down a three prong tracks proposed doctrine, which in his opinion, should stop the escalation of the current war and pave the way to permanent peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The opinion piece, under the title, “A Biden Doctrine for the Middle East Is Forming. And It’s Big,” Friedman attempts to advise President Biden’s administration policy on the Middle East.  In this article I am addressing Friedman’s second track proposal which calls for the promotion of a Palestinian state right now.

According to Friedman, “On the second track would be an unprecedented US diplomatic initiative to promote a Palestinian state — NOW. This would involve some form of US recognition of a demilitarized Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Stirp that would come into being only once the Palestinians had developed a set of defined, credible institutions and security capabilities to ensure that this state was viable and that could never threaten Israel. Biden administration officials have been consulting experts inside and outside the US government about different forms of this recognition of Palestinian statehood might take.”

Mr. Friedman, unfortunately, elects to ignore the facts on the ground which makes the new peace initiative out of touch or reality at this time.  In a the most recent poll conducted by Halil Shakai, which was conducted in the Arab sector of Judea and Samaria, the findings indicate that 72% assert that the October 7th Massacre was justified and should be commended while 90% of those polled deny the fact that horrific atrocities such as rape and torture in fact ever took place. At the very same time 75% of the Palestinians in the West Bank want Hamas to continue to be in control of the Gaza Strip, at the very same time, only 38% of the residents of Gaza support that notion. About 60% are in favor of dismantling the PA. Also, the overwhelming majority are against any negotiations involving the United States, and or, the Arab states, regarding what shall take place in the days after the current war. In addition, most of polled think the Hamas and its genocidal platformed and declared agenda towards Israel will not be defeated in the current war, and that the Palestinian people will not endure another what is termed a “Second Disaster,” or mass deportation.

Another interesting fact in the poll, despite the massive support of the horrific atrocities Hamas conducted in Israel, its political support did not increase significantly. The poll also indicates that the support in Hamas is on the increase in Judea and Samaria in comparison to the Gaza Strip. According to the very same poll the over whelming majority message is that Hamas will endure and survive. The PA, Palestinian Authority, also supports the October 7th Massacre. In fact, the PA incites the masses to copycat the savagery in Judea and Samaria, which include support statements by those possible PA candidates who may compete to be the its next leaders after the passing the torch by the current leader Mahmoud Abbas, Aka, Abu Mazen. The various terror organizations may carry different names however, they have the very same genocidal intentions for Israel and its people. The Palestinians do not want peace. They are seeking the total obliteration of Israel.

Given the very ominous current findings on the ground, Mr. Friedman’s call for the creation of a Palestinian state right now seems disappointing, detached, ill-timed, and presumptuous. In addition, Mr. Friedman seems to also ignore the overwhelming majority of the American voters who also currently reject the very notion of creation on a Palestinian state night now.  A conservative estimate is that there are at least over, 84 million Americans who describe themselves as Evangelical Christians and great supporters of Israel. That very same population vote in considerably higher percentage than the general population. A rough estimate of the remaining population, well over 50% of the American people are supportive of the State of Israel. The bottom-line is realpolitik indicates overwhelming support for Israel amongst the American voters.

It is clear that a peace agreement is essential between Israel and Palestinians. However, any such peace agreement must be based on willingness and acceptance for true peace and co-existence by both sides. The current call for the establishment of a Palestinian state right now is a just a Fata Morgana, a mirage, as well as a reward for raping, dismembering, torturing and slaying of over 1200 Israeli men, women and children and taking more than 200 Israelis hostage.  Rewarding such evil barbarity will only encourage more acts of violence and depravity.

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