The Case Against Netanyahu, “Crime Minister” “Slime Minister”—Time to Cease the Name-Calling.

Thousands continue to protest daily and nightly in front of the official residence of the Netanyahu family on rehov Balfour in Jerusalem. Hundreds more march bearing hateful signs near the Netanyahu private home (palace) in Caesarea even though the family is not inside and remains in Jerusalem.

The police, in desperate efforts to control the masses of protestors, have dispersed the crowds using water cannons upon them, painful and causing injuries. Now the assailed protestors are filing complaints with the High Court of Justice against police “brutality”.

Our police forces have tried unsuccessfully to allow protestors to march without being restrained, but prior to the water cannon “weapons”, nothing else has seemed strong enough to decrease the number of angry protestors.

We see the thousands of their signs venting their anger against prime minister Netanyahu, marked in various words, all negative, against his corruption, his impending trial for four criminal charges and more so for his inability to control the pandemic coronavirus which has made Israel the 6th largest number of affected persons in any country.

A “Minister of Crime”. A “Minister of Slime” are inappropriate words which must cease before the damage is completely out of control.

I had heard of someone in the crowd of thousands who held up a sign reading “Bring Back Yigal Amir”.

It referred to the imprisoned assailant who assassinated Prime-Minister Yitzchak Rabin and thankfully, the sign was taken down from him by others in the protest crowd. There are limits to free speech !

The Netanyahu family is not deaf and they are surely burning with anger day and night from the shouting and raucous noises of the thousands who march near and close to their home.

Residents of homes on Balfour and Gaza streets have filed grievances with the police and the courts against the un-ending noise and filth on their streets and on the property in which they live. Since there are no toilets for the protestors they relieve themselves on the private property of innocent home-owners.

There are insufficient facilities for the marchers to dispose of their waste so bottles, cans,and remains of food are thrown onto the streets. The smells are terrible to the exasperated residents.

Still, in what is left of our dying democracy , citizens of Israel are allowed to conduct and to participate in angry protest marches within specified limits.

They must end the daily protests before 11 o’clock in the evening. Even a “crime” and “slime” prime minister and his family are entitled to a quiet night of sleep.

If I were one of the marchers my sign would simply demand the resignation of the “mushchatim” in our government. The Hebrew word for corruption is strong enough to be understood by the corruptors.

At one point, Bibi argued with his coalition partners that if the protests could not be halted, he would call for new elections, the fourth election in one year.

But as stubborn as he is, encouraged by a dominant wife and a vile-mouthed eldest son, he will not call for elections because at this point he knows full well that he and the Likud party would lose the election. The word “defeat” is not in the Netanyahu vocabulary.

If Bibi were smart, if he had “yiddisher saichel” (Jewish brains), he should have called for a sit-down meeting with several leaders of the different protest groups to discuss plans and ways to curtail the damages done by the protestors. He is too proud and his ego and self-image too ingrained in him to allow him the opportunity to resolve the national disaster.

With each passing day our newspapers and television news broadcasts grow with intensity in their coverage of Israel’s mini “French Revolution”. Our prime-minister calls it the “Bolshevik media”.

The Bastille was torn down. How safe is the Balfour “palace” ?

Long live the people ! Down with the “king” ! Resignation YES. Assassination NO ! NO! NEVER!

It is time now to cease the name-calling. Our beautiful national greeting is “shalom”. It means Peace.

But like the ancient prophet Isaiah cried out four thousand years ago, “shalom, shalom, v’ain shalom”. Peace, Peace, but there is no Peace !

Higiya zman. Now is the time !

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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