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The Corona Revolution

First we see Merkel shopping and then she is quarantined, potentially corona-positive. This could be either the best conspiracy theory ever or the naked truth. Whichever, it is the perfect platform for staging the humanization of Europe’s top admonisher.

If Donald Trump can’t be spited into changing his trade policy, endangering Western and Asian affluence to the tune of 900 billion USD, then why not set the whole world on fire? It wouldn’t be the first time that a revolution or coup d’état reshaped the world’s order. An epidemic, depending on how hard it hits, can develop the same revolutionary impact. Breaking away from any outdated economic system needs credible, obvious and reasonable steps (why not calculate the chancellor’s shopping cart into the bargain?). Shopping for wine, shampoo and toilet paper, “She’s no different than you or me,” ensures a positive reception among the general public.

A well-orchestrated Euro-Asian spectacle could well derail the Pax Americana that has determined the world’s course for the last half century. Trade wars leading inevitably to a falling out are taboo. Yet, since Trump entered the White House, a severe trade conflict has raged between the United States and the EU (Germany) and Asia (China). America’s trade policy would like to put an end to their foreign trade deficit. When Trump assumed office, he faced a fulsome 358 billion USD deficit with China and a hefty 553 billion USD trade deficit with the EU (nearly half of which fell to Germany)[1]. For the prosperous nations sunning themselves at America’s expense, Trump efficiently tightening the customs screws is nothing more than demoting them to second fiddle. Could the new Chinese-American trade agreement, forcing the Chinese to prefer U.S products over the EU’s be the final straw? This would also endanger EU exports to China. But let us first take a look at recent developments on the health front, prior to the Corona pandemic.

It’s a comfort to know that Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum (Davos) and the John Hopkins University[2], all of whom allegedly serve the common good by shoveling their money out the window, played out a Corona virus epidemic in October 2019[3]. Their political and economic world-improvement imposition probably ranks second, topped only by the Immaculate Conception myth. We must also assume the Microsoft founder is downright messianic, one step away from Jesus, if you don’t believe in coincidences that is. United in distress, á la The enemy of my enemy is my friend, we could be speaking of an event where the most influential powerbrokers join forces to debate the perils to humanity’s health. A wonderful hobby that indulges in lush payments to the World Health Organization (WHO). Considering that 80% of WHO’s budget relies on donations, Bill Gates also wants to play. And, as stated in Zeitonline[4] in October 2014, WHO is veritably suffocating under his generosity.

Viruses and fake news have much in common. Both the molecular structure of a germ and disseminating news for specific political ends apply the same strategy: deceive and misguide, outfoxing either the body’s immune system or common sense, thereby infecting the organism. The moment a virus infects a cell, it subjugates it and uses it to procreate information. Simply put, the more Corona news traversing the world, the more momentum it gains, rapidly increasing the number of flat-curve advocates. Thus, there is no difference between an organic host and a brain-washed contemporary. Whether handwashing precedes brainwashing or vice versa is beside the point.

A virus’ strategy is just as cunning as the toxic thoughts that trigger a revolution or overthrow a government. Gustave Le Bon’s Psychology of the Masses is a good read for grasping the nature and efficacy of a virus. The Russian Revolution is a prominent 20th century political virus. German secret service transferred a Russian agitator, Lenin, from Zurich to St. Petersburg to instigate a German-funded revolution. If the Eastern Front couldn’t be squelched with weapons, thoroughly infesting the East with Communism would do the trick. The utopian philosophy of social equality inflamed tsardom’s enslaved farmers as rapidly as Corona. Infected by filthy blood-money provided by the Wilhelmine Empire, the new politically indoctrinated hosts fought decades for a classless society, unknowing, unseeing that they were merely sent to war-ravage their country from the very beginning.

Another brilliant killer virus achievement emerging from the federal devil’s workshop was Max von Oppenheim’s mission — a German spy posing as an archeologist in the Orient at the onset of the 20th century. Here, too, having failed to defeat the British on the front, they could at least blight their influence. As homeland incendiary, the agent convinced the emperor of indigenous Bedouin tribes that their fight for autonomy was actually a continuation of the Holy Wars, a cause fast fading from memory. A hundred years later, historians agree that von Oppenheim, fondly dubbed Abu Jihad (Arabian, father of Jihad), was an essential progenitor of today’s radical Islamist Holy War and Muslim Brotherhood. To initially win the Arabs’ trust, von Oppenheim erected a German-funded mausoleum for the hero Saladin, who had led the Arabians against the Crusaders. This was but one of von Oppenheim’s strategies to ideologically infest the Arabian world, thusly disseminating influence from Kandahar (Afghanistan) to Rabat (Morocco) and driving back British dominion. Abu Jihad and the Red Plague are only two examples of how a political virus can conclusively infect the heart of a given context.

Certainly, killer viruses do exist and there is a good chance that the military are tinkering with biological weapons. The film industry has provided a wealth of science-fiction material. But we aren’t there yet. Far from it.

Viewed collectively, there are killer viruses, political viruses and now a new category. Thanks to viral media attention, a shelf-hugging flu hardly noticed by medical practitioners has turned the world upside down. In no time at all, a political virus posing as a flu has stricken all social structures. In other words, a stronger, more persistent flu epidemic offers a free ride to rock the world and secure national dominion. Since human fears are easily exploited, governments are hard put to resist taking containment measures. Logically, people can no longer be aroused by social justice issues as was the case in the Russian Revolution, nor can antiquated religious convictions get their goat. Even climate change has not managed to spark an uprising. But when it comes to health, the party’s over. History teaches us that the symptoms an afflicted empire shows, disclose nothing of the hidden political agenda. With viral fake news, as in any true epidemic, it is impossible to know where the germ first blossomed into disease. The initiators usually remain undiscovered.

While numerous scientists assert that the unverified Corona test has a nearly 50% error rate, testing for evidence of dirty propaganda is much simpler and more precise. A clear indication of contextual political infection of epidemic proportions is an increase in rejecting and discrediting dissenting voices. An imprecise test can be compared to a quote from Che Guevara, “We are the revolutionary raising agent for all Latin America.” A 50% positive/negative deviation gives good cause to doubt the accuracy of numbers. Yet, that is exactly the explosive brew for our entire society. Why not just replace the unreliable test with flower petal plucking, I have Corona, I have it not? Of course, that would be going too far, since instilling doubt and panic requires the chimera of medicinal science.

When scholars no longer have a voice in the theory debate, being condemned as heretics, we’re only a step away from a medieval religious war. A perfect propaganda campaign fit, later exposed as fake news, was Donald Trump demanding, for exclusive U.S. application, the rights to a promising Corona vaccination made in Germany. The CureVac board of directors, of all people, claimed not to know who spread that particularly savory rumor. Nonetheless, Mommy and European public opinion in its entirety could wallow in outrage. A clever move, I would assert, to arouse the loins of a united Europe.

But first, the flat-curve brigade goes up against easy-flu practitioners for the numbers. Flat infection curve advocates are at an advantage as they, similar to climate warming debates, derive their argument from abstract dangers. It is considered unethical to refer to the usual number of flu-related deaths.

The thousands of billions economic powers invest in trade verify that the trade war reached a new dimension. Paralyzed by their strict budget regulations, Europe was left with little room to draw their billions-bazooka in support of their interests and against U.S trade policy. Thus, a flu epidemic provides welcome help. The spectacular hiatus is sweetened with billions in subsidies, strengthening corporations when they re-enter the world market, if there still is such a thing.

Chancellor Brüning’s deflation policy during the Weimar Republic was similarly brilliant. First, hyperinflation melted away the World War I reparation debts, to subsequently turn to deflation when they had no recourse but to pay. Literally going from fifth gear into reverse. Prof. Dr. Albrecht Ritschel of the London School of Economics explained how Germany’s austerity course led to their own bankruptcy, which in turn was catastrophic for their debtors, U.S. banks, during the Great Depression. Hat’s off, the debts were frozen and three years later Germany enjoyed 100% employment. We know how that turned out.

A simulated corona pandemic generated by confirmed Trump opposers, specifically Bill Gates, brings at least a shimmer of hope. We can rest assured the virus will not pluck every human from the face of the Earth. Not possible, with beauty salons closed. Rather, we can already begin to prepare for a new trade war dimension that will also create a new world order.

Yet, what is the cost-benefit ratio of disseminating a political virus? Here, too, his Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm has an answer ready. “Great Britain must lose India, that’s all that matters,” he instructed Max von Oppenheim. He couldn’t care less how the coming generations would deal with the jihad virus. India was the crown jewel in the British Empire, just as America is the guarantor of our freedom. Should the world’s mind be thoroughly infected with weakening the U.S.A., then our freedom will also soon be stricken.





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