Richard A. Lopchinsky

The Day After – the Gaza Solution

Everyone is talking about what will be with Gaza after the war and who will govern it. Have we learned anything from the last 30 years?

Let me start by pointing out that 20% of the Israeli population is Arabs, most of whom are Moslem, and they enjoy the same rights and privileges as every other Israeli citizen. As a matter of fact, they enjoy affirmative action in their favor: e.g. 20% of medical school admissions are Arab students, irrespective of their performance!

Another important point to emphasize is that the only apartheid within Israel’s borders is found in the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority (Area A) and was found in Gaza. Jews are/were not allowed in either location and there are very large red signs telling Israeli’s not to enter these areas. There are multiple examples of Israelis accidentally entering these areas who were tortured and/or killed.

Finally, multiple polls conducted by Palestinian organizations since October 7 reveal that 80% of both the Gazan and Judea/Samarian Palestinians supported the Hamas massacres of that day.

So what should happen the “day after”?

Some have suggested the Palestinian Authority (PA) be “responsible” to govern Gaza. The Palestinians, via the PA, have rejected numerous peace offers including one that would have offered them 96% of the territory they claimed to have wanted. The PA continues to support terrorism in numerous ways. They insist on continuing their “Pay for Slay” policy of rewarding terrorists. There are factions within the PA, and even members of their police force, that are themselves terrorists. They hate the Jews as much as Hamas. Such a government would just be a cover for a repeat of Oct 7th in another few years.

Another proposed option of having some type of international force governing Gaza would be as useful as UNIFIL is in keeping Hezbollah north of the Litani River as directed by the UN resolution that ended the Second Lebanon War. No international force would be willing to risk their own lives to keep the terrorists from attacking Israel as we have seen multiple times of Israel’s 76 year history.

Thus, history has shown that there is only one solution that would keep Israel safe.

As far as the Gaza “civilians”, they themselves elected Hamas to rule over them. Perhaps they wanted an alternative to the corrupt Palestinian Authority, but they have lived with and supported Hamas since Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and essentially gave them an “independent” state. (Over 100,000 Gazans used to work in Israel proper daily and earned Israeli salaries prior to Oct 7. Yet, some of these same people were the ones that gave the intelligence to Hamas on where/how to attack on Oct 7.) In the past 19 years they have proven that they truly believe in the Hamas charter to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people. There is no viable way of leaving these people “within a stone’s throw” of Israel and maintain Israel’s security.

As such, the only option is for these 1.3 million people to be removed from Gaza and be sent to the countries that have supported them for the past 19 years: Qatar, Turkey, and Egypt. Qatar has supported Hamas financially and given a home to its leaders. Turkey currently gives a home to their leaders and Erdogan boasts of destroying Israel, as well. Finally Egypt has allowed the construction of 50+ tunnels between the Sinai and Gaza to secretly support Hamas by allowing weapons to enter the area. If they love these people so much, they should take them in as the Israelis did to the Jews that have been ejected from the Arab countries. As an incentive to do this, Qatar’s investments in the US should be contingent on their absorption of Gazans. Egypt (given over a billion dollars per year) and Turkey’s (over $100 million per year) funding from the US should be contingent upon their cooperation. These countries have played both sides long enough and it’s time for the US to clear up its foreign policy and make it effective.

The international leftists and antisemites will scream about this plan but Israel’s first priority is to its citizens and the only way for them to regain security is by removing the enemy from its doorsteps. An additional benefit of this approach will be the reestablishment of a deterrent to the PA and Hezbollah. Hopefully, they will get the message of what will happen if they continue along Hamas’ path.

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Strong religious zionist background: First trip in 1963 - bar mitzvah, spent a summer volunteering at Hadassah in 1970, spent a year in Yeshiva in Jerusalem in 1971-72, parents made aliya in 1979, Tried to make aliyah in 1983 but was told I wouldn't fit into the system (after completing a fellowship in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) Professional: Board certified in general surgery, private practice in Manhattan for 28years, the Chief of the ENT / Head & Neck Service at the Phoenix VAMC, Clinical professor of surgery at Univ of AZ-Phoenix for 8 years. Finally made Aliyah in 2016 to work in Rambam. Licensed and Board certified in Israel Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking, Creating
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