The death cults that do Israel’s bidding

It was announced yesterday, by the Palestinian Authority, that Muhannad Halabi’s family will be receiving $42,000. On October 3, 2015, Halabi stabbed several Israelis, killing two.

Several years ago, Halabi was honoured by having a street named after him.

Terrorists targeting Israeli civilians is a bitter reality of life for Israelis, pre/post 1948, per/post 1967, pre/post Oslo and pre/post Gaza disengagement

There is (tragically) no way that the Palestinian stabbers and shooters can be stopped. There is a death cult – a group of extremists whose determination to kill and injure Israelis and Jews is seen as a calling, and whose actions are revered by many.

Israel, just like every other state in the world, has border controls. Security checks are inevitable, whether you are going through Ben Gurion International Airport, crossing from Jordan into Israel, Egypt into Israel, the West Bank into Israel or Gaza into Israel.

That level of security check is required. And every country in the world not only enforces similar security checks, but governments are also required to maintain those border crossings in the best interests of their citizens’ physical, social and economic security.

Once you, I, or my 90 year old neighbor has gone through such security checks in order to get into Israel, Israel is open to all as an open and pluralistic society.

Freedom of religion, non discrimination, equal rights and protection of minorities are all enshrined in Israeli law, and are core values of Israeli society in general. All religious sites are protected (sadly, some religious extremists exist). Racial discrimination is outlawed (sadly, some racists exist)

Muslims, Jews, Christians, Arabs, Israelis, Hebrew speakers, Arabic speakers, English speakers, dark skinned and light skinned people all use the same parks, public transport, hospitals, office buildings and government services.

The open nature of Israel’s society is exactly why Palestinian stabbers, shooters and murderers are able to continue with their daily attacks on Israeli civilians.

No Israeli Jew, Christian or Muslim thinks twice about a person next to them on a bus. A Muslim man in a keffiyah is as welcome in an office park as a Jew wearing a skullcap. Nobody thinks twice, which is why, for example, a Palestinian Muslim was able to stab two people to death in a Tel Aviv office block.

Teenage Palestinian Muslim girls wearing hijabs are as likely to be seen at a bus stop as two teenage Israeli Jewish girls wearing jeans. Nobody thinks twice, which is why two teenage Palestinian Muslim girls were able to attack people in Jerusalem. (it turned out that one of their victims was a 70 year old Palestinian man)

Palestinian Muslim teenage boys are as likely to be on a public bus as Israeli Jewish teenage boys. Nobody thinks twice. Which is why two Palestinian Muslim teenagers were able to attack and kill commuters, and activists for co-existence, on a public Israeli bus.

Waves of attacks on Israeli civilians are a result of two things:

  1. Incitement, and payments, from political and religious leaders who tell people that killing Israelis and Jews is a good thing (incitement can be stopped, if the political and religious leadership stop fanning the flames of the death cult)
  2. Israel’s open and free society, where anyone of any race or religion can move freely, pray freely, travel freely and shop freely (this one cannot be stopped, as these are the basic laws and values of the State of Israel)

Working on reason number one (stopping incitement, hatred and paying of terrorists) can lead to the cessation (or at least reduction) of violence. Israelis understand that this is required in order to reduce attacks. Israelis hate the death cults that implores people to kill Jews and Israelis

Reason number two (Israel as an open and free society) inherently implies that the attacks can never be fully stopped. Israelis understand this. The attacks are a price Israelis have to pay for their open and free society that they are proudly building.

Terrorists targeting Israeli civilians are perhaps the most simple illustration of the State of Israel’s open, free and pluralistic society.

It is precisely because Israel is not an Apartheid state, that the attacks are able to take place.

Sadly, it takes murderous death cults to prove to Israel’s detractors that living with Israelis, and moving among Israelis, is indeed easy.

About the Author
Uri Marks lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, with his wife and three children. He is an arm-chair Zionist and laid back Jew, and is very opinionated on both topics.
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