Howard Burns

The demonstrations in Israel

The demonstrations all over the country are not exclusively anti-Netanyahu. He has succeeded in creating a majority in the Knesset by selling his soul, even more, to the devil by making his coalition with such extreme right wing parties that are the antithesis of democracy. 

I feel I need to give just a couple of examples: – introducing ‘so-called’ reforms that will critically change the judicial system, reducing the power of the judiciary and creating a situation (among other things) in which the government will have the power to override supreme court decisions such as allowing a convicted felon to hold a ministerial position – Arieh Deri.

Another example -most of the municipal libraries in Jerusalem having total separation of men and women (separate entrances and days!!) And another, the education system is being turned into a yeshiva based system with everything that that entails.

I haven’t even started with democratic rights, equality between the sexes and races, equal rights of representation in government – Netanyahu himself is in the middle of a criminal trial and the fact that he has given ministries to 2 racist bigots – Ben Gvir and Smotridge – and leaving this country exposed and in jeopardy – he has infected Israel with a ‘trojan horse virus’ that, if not neutralised will literally destroy everything that has been built up here over the last 75 years.

The democratic State of Israel’ is in the hands of the worst possible leadership in the history of the State.

  • For the first time in the 45 years since I made Aliyah, at the age of 22 from the UK, I find myself loosing faith in my own convictions and sincerely questioning my own motives for for being a left-wing Zionist and that’s a terrifying realisation.

The weekly ‘save the Israel democracy’ demonstration in Haifa January 28 2023

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